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US Masters 2024 LIVE: Updates, leaderboard and how to watch as round four gets underway

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 88th Masters Tournament!

We'll have updates from the pre-tournament press conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday with updates from the tournament when play begins on Thursday.

We'll also have the latest odds and scores from Augusta National.

US Masters

Most memorable Sundays

It's hard to escape the conclusion that the best player in the world, who's currently tied for the lead, will go and win a second Green Jacket today. But we've seen lots of things look like foregone conclusions at the Masters before.

It looked like Jack Nicklaus's time was long gone in 1986; Scott Hoch had a putt of less than two feet to win in 1989 against Nick Faldo; Faldo came from six back in 1996 to deny Greg Norman; McIlroy lost a four-shot lead going into Sunday in 2011; Jordan Spieth who looked invincible at Augusta blew a five-shot lead at the turn.

If it can happen at Augusta, it's probably happened and could happen again.

Here we look back at three of the most memorable Sundays in Masters history.

0:20 - Final leaderboard

Your top eight, if you had an each-way bet at eight places:

-11 Scheffler
-7 Aberg
-4 Fleetwood, Homa, Morikawa
-2 Smith, DeChambeau
-1 Schauffele

Thank you for joining us this week.

See you back here this time next year!

0:15 - Scheffler 4/1 for the PGA Championship

That wasn't even Scheffler at his best. That was maybe a 7/10 week for Scheffler, but his 7/10 weeks win majors these days.

If he plays at that level in a month's time (assuming he's not on paternity leave...), he'll go close at Valhalla for the PGA Championship.

We look back at Scheffler's week and ahead to his prospects of a second major in 2024.

0:00 - Scottie Scheffler wins the Masters!

He missed the green on 18, but as he has all week, pitched up close and tapped in the easiest of putts.

There are no 72nd hole dramas like two years ago. It's an easy four and it's two Masters titles for the world's best golfers.

23:50 - Aberg finishes -7

It's a superb week for the rookie. Not just his first Masters, but his first major. We're still not at the 12-montha anniversary of Ludvig Aberg turning professional.

"He'll win one" is said about so many players, but majors aren't handed out. They have to be earned and there are only four a year, but Aberg simply must win one if not several.

A fantastic effort from the Swede whose fanbase continues to grow.

23:30 - Yet another birdie for Scheffler

And it's about how many he'll win by now. A perfect approach on 16 sets up another birdie chance and Scheffler obliges once more. He leads by four

-11 Scheffler
-7 Aberg
-5 Morikawa, Homa
-4 Fleetwood
-2 Smith, DeChambeau, Schauffele

23:05 - Scheffler with another birdie

This is a masterclass from Scheffler. He made a huge birdie putt on 8, zipped one to a foot for birdie on 9, made another fantastic birdie on 10 before a mistake on 11. He then found the middle of the green on 12, found the green in two on 13 and has got well inside where Aberg was on 14.

It's an absolute Augusta clinic from Scheffler, and with that approach, he's got an arm in the Green Jacket.

From 18 inches, another birdie for Scheffler.

-10 Scheffler
-7 Aberg
-5 Homa
-4 Morikawa
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Schauffele, Smith
-1 Davis

22:50 - Birdie for Scheffler on 13

A simple birdie for Scheffler, but Aberg's wedged a wonderful approach to five feet for a birdie of his own... and in it goes!

Aberg's still 5/1 to win, while Scheffler is now as short as 1/7.

-9 Scheffler
-7 Aberg
-5 Homa
-4 Morikawa, Fleetwood
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Smith
-1 Davis, Schauffele

22:40 - Birdie for Aberg

Two brilliant shots for Aberg leaves a 15-footer for eagle that doesn't quite turn for Aberg, so he walks off with a birdie.

Homa took 3-wood off the tee, had to lay up, and didn't leave himself any sort of birdie chance. Not a great hole and Homa leaves with a par.

Scheffler behind him pipes one straight up the middle and he actually runs out of fairway. He'll still take the flag on from the top of the hill.

His approach drifts a little left to the top of the green and it's a long and tricky two-putt, but pars will likely be enough for Scheffler from here.

-8 Scheffler
-6 Aberg
-5 Homa
-4 Fleetwood
-3 DeChambeau, Morikawa
-2 Smith
-1 Davis, Schauffele

22:30 - Double bogey for Homa

And Scheffler leads by three... for now at least. His tee shot is right over the front bunker into the heart of the green. He's about 40 feet away, but in the circumstances, that's nearly perfect.

Homa makes double bogey and is three out of the lead.

22:25 - Bogey for Scheffler on 11

Homa is forced to take an unplayable, so that's one shot gone, and he doesn't find the green with his third, and we'll soon see just how bad the damage is.

Scheffler is a little heavy-handed with his chip that runs the better part of eight feet by and the par putt misses. It's one back, but he's got shots to play with.

-8 Scheffler
-7 Homa
-5 Aberg
-4 Fleetwood
-3 DeChambeau, Morikawa
-2 Smith

22:15 - Morikawa in the water on 11

Wow. We rarely see much emotion from Morikawa, but he's hooked his approach into the water on 11 and with the ball in the air, echoes a very audible 'damn it!' down the fairway. He knows what little chance he had is long gone.

Scheffler, as expected, is well right of the water, missing the green and will have an up and down attempt to save par.

Up on 12, Homa has taken water out of the equation, but he's sent his ball flying past the green and it looks lost in the bushes. There doesn't appear to be any way of making par from there.

22:10 - Double bogey for Aberg

After a lengthy chat with his caddie, Homa safely found 11 green, but ran a good five feet past with his birdie attempt... he makes par though, and moves onto 12.

Sadly, Aberg burns the edge with his bogey putt, and the iron into the water has cost him dearly.

Scheffler is now 1/4 to win the Masters

-9 Scheffler
-7 Homa, Aberg
-5 Morikawa
-4 Fleetwood
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Smith
-1 Davis

22:00 - Birdie for Scheffler on 10

Another brilliant drive from Scheffler, a wonderful iron to 10 feet and another great putt to extend his lead.

Up on 11, Aberg hits a nice drive down the right side, but perhaps the rookie in him shows as he finds water. He'll now do well to make a five.

Homa's still in the mix after finding the green on 11, but if Scheffler can keep his ball dry on 11 and 12, it's hard to see him blowing it now.

-9 Scheffler
-7 Aberg, Homa
-5 Morikawa
-4 Homa
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Smith

21:50 - Birdie for Homa

The 10th is notoriously difficult, but with the course drying out, players have been able to whip drives down the fairway and leave mid- and short-irons in. Homa sticks one to near-gimme range and he'll have a birdie to get to -7.

His putt goes in via the back door, and he's one back of Scheffler.

-8 Scheffler
-7 Homa, Aberg
-5 Morikawa
-3 DeChambeau, Fleetwood
-2 Smith
-1 Hojgaard, Davis, Schauffele

21:40 - Outstanding from Scheffler

Just a reminder of why Scheffler is the best player in the world. It's back-to-back birdies, and after a titanic drive down 9, Scheffler uses the spin and the slope to almost hole out for eagle. It's a tap-in birdie, and Scheffler's on his own again. It's a first nine of 35 for Scheffler.

Morikawa had to watch that having dunked his in the bunker, and trying to stick it close, he's left it in the bunker. He then splashes out to 15 feet and burns the edge with his bogey putt. It's a disastrous double for Morikawa.

Now the tournament begins...

-8 Scheffler
-7 Aberg
-6 Homa
-5 Morikawa
-3 Fleetwood, DeChambeau
-2 Smith

21:35 - Birdie for Aberg!

And we have a three-way tie again! Absolutely brilliant from Aberg, who had a good 25 feet with easily six feet of break, finding the centre of the hole for birdie on 9.

Homa has similar putt with less break, but runs his some way by. He holes the come-backer for par to keep himself within one.

21:30 - Birdie for Scheffler!

He indeed whipped a big high draw around the trees and ran off the back of the green, but it's yet another up and down for the world number one. His chip runs a good eight feet by, but he holes the birdie putt and retakes the solo lead.

Morikawa follows Scheffler in, though, and the lead is shared between two again.

Beyond those, we have a two-way tie for second, and the rest are at least three shots back of them.

The winner of this year's Masters will almost certainly be one of Scheffler, Morikawa, Aberg and Homa.

-7 Scheffler, Morikawa
-6 Homa, Aberg
-3 Fleetwood, DeChambeau
-2 Hatton, Smith, Hojgaard, Schauffele

21:20 - Homa joins the leaders

Homa will need to take advantage of the par-5s if he's going to have a chance to win, and he's birdied both of them so far. He gets to -2 and we have a four-way tie.

Aberg can't take advantage of the 8th, however, and walks off with a par.

Behind them, Scheffler's driven up the left meaning he'll need to hit something of a hook if he's going to find the green.

21:10 - Bogey for Scheffler

Augusta isn't a course that places much value on driving accuracy, but there are holes where being out of position makes things very tricky. Scheffler drove a little right on 7 and could only find the greenside bunker. He couldn't get up and down and that's another bogey that sees Scheffler drop into a three-way share of the lead.

-6 Aberg, Scheffler, Morikawa
-5 Homa,
-3 Fleetwood, DeChambeau
-2 Hatton, Smith, Hojgaard, Schauffele
-1 Davis

21:00 - Birdie for Aberg

After seeing his approach just barely miss the top shelf on 6, Aberg saves par with a tremendous two-putt before piping a drive up 7 fairway, wedging one to four feet and sinking the birdie putt. He's now one back.

Scheffler's made a pair of fairly routine pars, and while he's not pulled away yet, everyone knows this tournament doesn't begin until the back nine on Sunday...

-7 Scheffler
-6 Aberg, Morikawa
-5 Homa
-3 Fleetwood, DeChambeau
-2 Hatton, Smith, Hojgaard
-1 Young, Davis, Schauffele

20:30 - Bogey for Scheffler

The 4th is extremely difficult and there's no shame in a bogey there. Scheffler goes uncharacteristically long off the back of the green and his chip just reaches the front edge.

The par putt misses and Scheffler gives one back.

DeChambeau's kept his name on the leaderboard with two lengthy birdie putts on 4 and 5 to get back to -3 and within four of the lead. Playing partner Schauffele however is in reverse having made bogeys on the same holes.

Tyrrell Hatton, who said he had no chance this week, is currently -5 for the day and has sneaked onto the leaderboard, having birdied 2, 6, 10, 12 and 13 to get to -2.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Homa, Morikawa
-5 Aberg
-3 Fleetwood, DeChambeau
-2 Hatton, Smith
-1 Young, An, Hojgaard, Schauffele

20:20 - Birdie for Scheffler

Two horrible drives from Scheffler and Morikawa. They weren't a million miles off being really good, but they find the camber of the fairway and run into the bunker, and we could see anything from there.

Morikawa is first to play and runs well past the hole, but Scheffler splashes out absolutely perfectly and he's got a great birdie look. If he does win this, it won't be because of his driving and iron play, it'll be because of his play around the greens, which has been utterly immaculate.

The birdie putt never leaves the centre, and what could so easily have been a bogey-bogey-par start from Scheffler is par-par-birdie and he's now 10/17 to win.

20:10 - Pars for Scheffler and Morikawa on 2

Scheffler drove into the bunker on 2 meaning he couldn't go for the green with his second. Going for the green with his third, though, he's airmailed it straight into the gallery.

The chip is straightforward enough down the slope which feeds towards the hole, and he's got a five-footer left for par which finds the bottom of the cup. Two nice par saves to start.

The 3rd has been comfortably driveable today, the issue always being the second shot, and Aberg overruns his chip off the back of the green. A good second attempt though and he saves par.

Morikawa has one from just inside 15-feet to tie the lead but misses high and it's a three-putt for the two-time major champion.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Homa, Morikawa
-5 Aberg
-3 Schauffele
-2 Fleetwood, Smith, Hojgaard, DeChambeau

20:00 - Another DeChambeau bogey

It's hard to see DeChambeau winning or even getting close. While mistakes will happen at Augusta, his are just too costly and too unforced. He had half an acre of green to work with on 15 yesterday and chunked one into the water. After nearly driving the green on 3, he's too cute with his chip which runs along the slope and down the hill; he's actually got further away from the hole.

He pitches well back onto the green and holes an eight-footer for birdie, but what could've been a three has turned into a five.

19:55 - Birdie for Homa!

After 34 holes, Max Homa has a birdie! He'd parred each of the last seven par-5s but a lovely chip from off the back of 2 sets up a short-range birdie putt and in it drops

And so does Aberg! Somehow his third stayed on top of the slope but he's just touched his effort down the hill and in it drops.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa, Homa
-5 Aberg
-3 Smith, Schauffele
-2 Fleetwood, Hojgaard, DeChambeau

19:45 - Opening pars for Scheffler; Morikawa

Excellent from DeChambeau who's left a good look at birdie, but he misses his short putt.

Schauffele's approach expertly used the slope to gather towards the hole, but his eagle putt misses slightly low and it's a tap-in birdie.

After a chat with his caddie, Morikawa hits a beauty to pin high for a potential opening birdie, but his putt also misses low, while Scheffler pitches up to a few feet and saves par.

A few slightly nervy efforts so far...

19:40 - Opening pars for Homa; Aberg

Homa's long, long wait for a birdie continues, lipping another out on 1, while Aberg comes up a touch short for a pair of opening pars.

DeChambeau's approach on 2 is very long and very left and he's left another awkward pitch.

Scheffler hits a 9-iron from the middle of the fairway and is miles from the hole, catching the false front and trickling off the green. Of course, we know how good his short game is, and we've seen that at its best on that same hole already this week...

19:35 - Leaders on course

Here we go then. Will it be, as predicted by so many, Scheffler who wins a second Masters in three years? Will it be Collin Morikawa who complete three-quarters of the Grand Slam?

Scheffler with a perfect fade off the tee, Morikawa likewise, and they're underway.

In the penultimate group we see two different approaches on 1 leading to two birdie looks for Aberg and Homa. Aberg sends a laser to around 12 feet, while Homa hits a slinging hook around the trees to a similar distance.

19:30 - Bogey for DeChambeau

A poor drive, a poor second out of the bunker and a tough chip back onto the green gives DeChambeau a huge putt to save par... and he's still got work to do for his bogey... but that one drops and he's in for an opening five.

Ludvig Aberg and Max Homa get their final rounds underway; Aberg finds the fairway, but Homa goes left and he'll have work to do for his par.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg
-3 Smith
-2 Young, Fleetwood, DeChambeau, Schauffele

19:20 - Eagle for Smith!

When the chasing pack are going to need to get to at least -8 you'd expect, you can do a lot worse than Cameron Smith, holing out of a bunker for eagle on 2. He's got a good record at Augusta and it's not impossible he makes a charge.

He's currently T5 on -3.

Back on 1, DeChambeau's approach from the bunker has flown the green and he'll likely need need to hole a long one to save par.

19:15 - Triple bogey for Fitzpatrick

It's a disaster on 4 for Fitzpatrick, who might have just cost himself the chance of consecutive top-10s at the Masters. His tee shot is miles left towards the gallery, he fails to make any sort of recovery, then finds the bunker with his third, two-putting for a triple-bogey six.

Bryson DeChambeau has got his final round underway, and after totally unravelling late on yesterday, his ridiculous hole-out birdie on 18 just about kept his flame lit, though he's driven into the bunker off the first.

19:05 - Late groups going out

There are only a handful of players left to get their final rounds underway, with Tommy Fleetwood, Cameron Young, Matt Fitzpatrick and Cameron Smith all on the course.

Fleetwood drained a long birdie putt on the first to get to -2 while Young made an excellent up and down to save par.

Leaders Scheffler and Morikawa will be out in half an hour.

18:15 - Tom Kim -7 today

This is some round of golf from Tom Kim. He was level-par thru 6, birdied 7, then made four straight birdies on 9, 10, 11 and 12. He's now birdied 15 and 16 to get to -7 for the day.

What might be more impressive is that he's actually losing strokes on the green and has still got to -7.

Remember, the lowest round on Sunday is 64, shot by Rory McIlroy in 2022, and Kim needs one more birdie to match it.

Why can't I watch the Masters?

One of Augusta National's long-standing traditions, alongside no running on the course and no phones on the course, is limiting its live TV coverage throughout the tournament. You'll have noticed much of the first-round action wasn't available live on TV despite a host of big names being on the course.

The same applies throughout the week, even on Sunday, and while selected shots, featured groups and featured holes are available, full live TV coverage won't begin on Sunday until 18:30 BST.

17:50 - McIlroy underway

In the 10th-to-last group of the day, Rory McIlroy goes out alongside Joaquin Niemann.

His soon-to-be-playing partner at the Zurich Classic, Shane Lowry, is one of the earlier starters and struggling out there. He's made four straight bogeys on 4, 5, 6 and 7 to drop to +10 for the tournament; a disappointing end for someone's whose last four finishes at Augusta read T25-T21-T3-T16.

Woods, meanwhile, has stopped the bleeding after going bogey-par-triple-bogey in four holes with nine straight pars.

Si-woo Kim is -3 at the turn to get back to +4 for the through, and Ryan Fox after bogeying the first has gone eagle-par-birdie to get to +2.

The round of the day so far belongs to Tom Kim, though, who started +11 and has made birdies on 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and there can't be many played who par the first three par-5s, but make birdies on 10 and 11. He's -5 for the day, and though he's still got four holes to play, rounds in the 60s seem to be out there.

17:00 - Woods dead last

It's not been the happiest of Sunday for Tiger Woods, who birdied 2, bogeyed 3 then made triple after being forced to re-tee on 5 before making triple. He made another bogey on 6 to go out in 40, and is currently dead last on +15.

16:00 - Player round score betting

Scottie Scheffler is odds-on for the Masters at 20/21 after a battling round of 71 on Saturday.

If that's not enticing enough for you, you can bet on each player's final round score, and it probably doesn't come as a surprise that Scheffler's the only player whose line is set at 70.5.

He's 5/6 to shoot 70 or better and 5/6 to shoot 71 or worse.

14:20 - Sunday tee times

The first group of Adam Hadwin and Vijay Singh are getting their final rounds underway now with Tiger Woods following with amateur Neal Shipley at 14:35. Rory McIlroy will be out at 17:45 with Joaquin Niemann with the later groups going out at 19:05 and the final group of Scheffler and Morikawa getting underway at 19:35.

Full tee times for the fourth round can be found below:


Adam Hadwin

 Vijay Singh


Jake Knapp

 Grayson Murray


Neal Shipley (a)

 Tiger Woods


Tom Kim

 Denny McCarthy


Kurt Kitayama

 Thorbjorn Olesen


Erik van Rooyen

 Eric Cole


Jose Maria Olazabal

 Camilo Villegas


Russell Henley

 Jason Day


Keegan Bradley

 Min Woo Lee


Si Woo Kim

 JT Poston


Corey Conners

 Brooks Koepka


Phil Mickelson

 Shane Lowry


Taylor Moore

 Sahith Theegala


Akshay Bhatia

 Harris English


Jon Rahm

 Tony Finau


Hideki Matsuyama

 Luke List


Ryan Fox

 Rickie Fowler


Danny Willett

 Adam Scott


Will Zalatoris

 Tyrrell Hatton


Rory McIlroy

 Joaquin Niemann


Matthieu Pavon

 Sepp Straka


Matt Fitzpatrick

 Patrick Reed


Adam Schenk

 Chris Kirk


Patrick Cantlay

 Lucas Glover


Cameron Young

 Tommy Fleetwood


Byeong Hun An

 Cameron Smith


Cameron Davis

 Nicolai Hojgaard


Bryson DeChambeau

 Xander Schauffele


Max Homa

 Ludvig Åberg


Scottie Scheffler

 Collin Morikawa

14:00 - Welcome to Sunday at the Masters

What so long threatened to be at best a three-horse race suddenly involved the likes of Ludvig Aberg, Collin Morikawa and briefly Nicolai Hojgaard yesterday. Xander Schauffele's even got himself in the mix, but stopping Scottie Scheffler from winning a second Green Jacket is going to require near-faultless golf from Morikawa and Max Homa.

We'll have updates throughout the afternoon with the latest scores and odds.

0:20 - Round three complete

What a day. We saw Nicolai Hojgaard briefly share the lead, then take the solo lead after Scottie Scheffler made a wretched double bogey. He compounded that with a bogey on 11, but Hojgaard made five straight bogeys to tumble down the leaderboard.

Max Homa played some really nice golf but couldn't buy a birdie for love nor money. He's now gone a remarkable 32 holes without a birdie, and yet is only two shots off the lead. He made a big par save on 18 and still has a chance.

Chris Kirk had the low round of the day with 68, but the round of the day was surely Collin Morikawa's. He birdied each of the first three holes to get himself in position, and played solid golf for the rest of the afternoon, not making a single bogey in his final 12 holes.

Scheffler remains the man to beat, though. After waving everyone through on 10 and 11, his rivals declined the opportunity. Sure enough, Scheffler drained a long one for eagle, birdieing 15 and then 18 to take a one-shot lead.

There's lots of golf to be played, and Scheffler is a human like everyone else - despite how he seems on the course - and we could see just about anything tomorrow.

We'll have updates throughout the afternoon.

0:10 - Birdie for DeChambeau!

Unbelievable! The shot of the day from Bryson DeChambeau! Where has that come from?! The approach looked good on landing but you're always wary of it spinning too much and running past the slope and making birdie. Instead it spins into the hole for the most unlikely birdie. What a way to finish, and he's suddenly back in with an outside chance.

Homa has to splash out from a bunker and won't be making his first birdie of the day, but holes an excellent par putt to keep himself in the mix.

Final round three scores:

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Schauffele, Davis, Hojgaard
-1 An (F), Smith (F), Young (F), Fleetwood (F)

0:05 - More trouble for DeChambeau

It's not all that often a player comes from more than two back going into the final round to win the Masters. Indeed, since 2010, only Charl Schwartzel (four back, McIlroy collapse), Bubba Watson (three back) and Danny Willett (three back, Spieth collapse) have done it. It's hard to see it being anyone outside of Scheffler and Morikawa, but it was hard to see Scheffler making double bogey-bogey on 10 and 11.

DeChambeau's drive on 18 is pushed right into the trees and his only shot is a punch out. What an hour it's been for the former US Open champion. Right in the mix, in the final group, and he might be going out in the fifth or six-to-last group on Sunday.

0:00 - Birdie for Scheffler

There have been just four birdies on 18 today, and of course one comes for Scheffler. Excellent drive, excellent approach, excellent putt.

He's odds-on again, now 5/6.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg
-2 Schauffele (F), Davis (F), Hojgaard (F), DeChambeau
-1 An (F), Smith (F), Young (F), Fleetwood (F)

23:55 - Morikawa in the clubhouse

It's a sensational round of golf from Morikawa. His form has been so bad coming into the tournament that no one could've expected him to contend, never mind win, but he's hung around and made his move today.

Starting with three straight birdies, Morikawa made a bogey on 6 and didn't bogey another hole for the rest of the day. It's been extremely disciplined golf and he'll be in the final group on Sunday.

Will he play with Scheffler?

-6 Morikawa (F), Scheffler
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg (F)
-2 Schauffele (F), Davis (F), Hojgaard, DeChambeau
-1 An (F), Smith (F), Young (F), Fleetwood (F)

23:50 - Bogey for DeChambeau

The tee shot wasn't good, the putt wasn't good, and he's dropped another shot on 16 and from being two back half an hour ago, DeChambeau is four back.

Morikawa attempts a fade approaching the 18th green, but it doesn't come back and it's a dead pull left. It bounces off one of the greenside mounds and into the gallery. It's an awful pitch he's got left, but it's played superbly and he's got no more than three feet for a closing par. That could've been much worse.

Scheffler's drive on 18 is bang up the middle. Is someone going to birdie this hole?!

23:45 - Bogey for Scheffler

Scheffler chips onto 17 green but runs about eight feet past. Putting across his shadow for par, the putt looks good, but he's slightly over-borrowed and like Morikawa's, lips out and runs a good three feet away. He makes the putt and is back in a share of the lead.

Homa's approach on 16 is nice, but he's inches away from the top shelf and runs all the way down the green. DeChambeau also not troubling the hole with his tee shot and runs his birdie putt well past and now has a tester for par.

Aberg one of the few players to play 18 well, leaving a makeable birdie putt that misses just low, and while his score could've been better, he's well in the hunt.

-6 Morikawa, Scheffler
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Schauffele (F), Davis, Hojgaard

23:35 - Double-bogey for DeChambeau

These greens are making players look silly now. They're absolutely lightning fast - and frankly, it's great to watch.

DeChambeau doesn't trouble the hole with his bogey putt and has another four feet for double. There's still lots of time, but that could be his tournament done. Homa's waited ages for his birdie look but misses on the high side and taps in for par.

Morikawa makes an excellent par putt after his unfortunate lip-out on 17.

Having missed the fairway on 17, Scheffler's unable to control the flight of his approach and runs off the back of the green. That's a very difficult up and down for par.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg
-3 DeChambeau
-2 Schauffele (F), Davis, Hojgaard

23:30 - DeChambeau in the water!

That is an absolute nightmare from DeChambeau. He's got a 50-yard pitch and acres of green to work with, but has hit a straight-up chunk. It's nowhere near the green, pitching miles short and running into the water. He opts to drop from the water and leaves a long one for bogey.

Morikawa touches one down the slope on 17, catches the lip which just sends the ball 10 feet past. From an inch away from a birdie to a potential bogey.

23:25 - DeChambeau misses right on 15

DeChambeau has to attempt a slinging hook to find 15 green, but the ball doesn't hook and careers into the patrons well left of the green. He does seem to have a decent chance of getting up and down from there, however; plenty of green to work with.

Scheffler safely finds the middle of the green on 16, and though it's a long two-putt up the hill, he makes light work of things.

Anyone playing the final three holes level par will be gaining strokes on the field, so be prepared for a couple more dropped shots coming home...

23:20 - Another Scheffler birdie

The chip wasn't the best from Scheffler, but he holes a nice 10-footer for birdie to take the solo lead.

After finding water on 15, Hojgaard's pitch fails to check up quickly enough and runs down the slope off the back of the green. His next pitch is better judged and he limits the damage to just one, but it's five straight bogeys now.

Cam Smith has played a remarkably steady round of golf, making one birdie and 16 pars heading up the last. His par-putt runs a long way past and he does well to finish with a bogey in the end, but he remains -1 for the tournament, and that's probably as far back as anyone can be to still have an outside chance of contending tomorrow.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa
-5 Homa, DeChambeau
-4 Aberg
-2 Schauffele, Young, Fleetwood, Davis, Hojgaard

23:10 - Chance goes by for Morikawa

If you'd have asked Morikawa if he'd have taken 5-4-5 across 13-14-15 he'd have given you a resounding no, but that's how it's played out. He still shares the lead, and the greens are getting lightning fast, but his birdie putt lips out on 15.

Hojgaard in the final group calls for his ball to go; it doesn't, and it's wet, and he'll do well to make par.

Scheffler's drive allowed a long iron into the 15th green, but he's gone where Aberg went, and will need to get up and down for birdie.

DeChambeau holes a long birdie putt on 14 and suddenly he's within one

What looked like it could be a procession has turned into unmissable viewing.

23:00 - Back-to-back bogeys for Aberg

DeChambeau bombs a drive up the middle of 13 and his short iron goes straight over the flag. He looks exasperated and knows he's left himself on top of a ledge for eagle. He barely touches his putt and it runs six feet past and he can't hole the one on the way back.

Homa laid up, but also touched his putt and saw it run a good eight feet by, but he confidently holes his par putt.

It's unfortunately back-to-back bogeys for Aberg, who went slightly long of the green on 15 with his second. His chip wasn't good, leaving a long effort for birdie that ran a few feet by and he couldn't make the par putt.

More positively, it's back-to-back birdies for Fleetwood after a sensational iron onto the ledge on 16 leaving a short putt for a two.

-6 Scheffler, Morikawa
-5 Homa
-4 Aberg, DeChambeau
-3 Hojgaard
-2 Schauffle (F), Smith, Young, Fleetwood, Davis

22:45 - And Scheffler makes eagle!

From miles down the slope, Scheffler would've been more than happy with a two-putt birdie, but he goes one better and the eagle putt tumbles in. Scheffler's fist pumping and that's as animated as you'll ever see him. Suddenly he ties the lead on -6.

Hojgaard finds water on 13 though, and makes bogey.

-6 Scheffler, Morikawa
-5 Aberg, Homa
-4 Hojgaard, DeChambeau
-2 Schauffele, Smith, Young
-1 Fleetwood, Davis

22:40 - Putts being missed everywhere

Morikawa's eagle chance was disappointing, running well past the hole and he can't make birdie on the way back. Aberg misses a mid-range par putt on 14, while Homa and DeChambeau of both made bogey on 12.

-6 Morikawa
-5 Aberg, Hojgaard, Homa
-4 Scheffler, DeChambeau
-2 Schauffele, Smith
-1 Young, Davis

22:30 - Morikawa outright favourite

It's all happening. Aberg makes his birdie on 13 to get to -6, Hojgaard made bogey on 11 and looks to be following up with another bogey on 12.

Scheffler again keeps water out of play on 12, but his chip leaves a bit to be desired and he'll have another six-footer to stop the bleeding... but he makes the putt. That was big. Dropping another shot there and his mental fortitude would really be tested.

Morikawa goes for the green on 13 and finds it. He's a long way from the hole, but should make birdie from there and he's the new favourite at 3/1.

DeChambeau three-putts from a long way back on 11 and he falls to -5.

22:20 - Another bogey for Scheffler!

Just like that, Scottie Scheffler trails by two. He is human after all.

It should be said, 10 and 11 are two of the toughest holes on the course, and Scheffler takes water out of play by bailing out right like many do, but the gamble backfires. His pitch leave a few feet and his par putt slides by. It's double bogey-bogey for Scheffler.

He's now 4/1 joint-favourite with Collin Morikawa.

-6 Aberg, Morikawa, Hojgaard, Homa, DeChambeau
-4 Scheffler
-2 Schauffele, Smith, Young, Davis

22:05 - Scheffler on the drift

What looked like a three-horse race is suddenly one of six. Scheffler is still the clear favourite, but he's drifting out towards his pre-tournament price, and there are five players joining him on single-figure prices.

11/4 Scheffler
17/4 Morikawa
11/2 Aberg
6/1 DeChambeau
13/2 Homa
7/1 Hojgaard

22:00 - Hojgaard takes the lead!

Birdies are so hard to come by on 10, and that's three on the bounce for Hojgaard, to get to -7.

He only shares the lead for a moment however, as Scheffler, from the middle of 10 fairway flies well off the back. His chip back on runs 60 feet past the hole, though he leaves himself two feet for bogey... which horseshoes out!

A three-shot swing on 10, a nightmare double for Scheffler.

-7 Hojgaard
-6 Morikawa, Homa
-5 Aberg, Scheffler, DeChambeau
-3 Davis
-2 Schauffele, Smith
-1 Fox, Young

We have a tournament on our hands!

21:50 - Nine pars to start for Homa

It's frustrating not to be able to take advantage of either of the par-5s and he's just missed a birdie putt on 9, but nine straight pars to start the third round is just fine. He stays within one of the lead, and partner DeChambeau makes a messy bogey to fall back to -5.

Meanwhile Hojgaard makes two straight birdies on 8 and 9 to get within one, while Cameron Davis makes an unfortunate double on 10 to fall back to -3.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa, Hojgaard, Homa
-5 Aberg, DeChambeau
-3 Young, Davis

21:30 - Aberg dialled in

Aberg has stuck his approach on 10 pin high and could be making another birdie to get within one of the lead. He's currently second favourite at 11/2 and genuinely has a chance here.

Homa found the trees off 8 tee and had to punch out, leading to a long look at birdie on 8.

21:20 - Birdie chance slides by for Scheffler

Just short of the green on 8, Scheffler pitches on to inside six feet but misses and the birdie chance goes begging. Hojgaard gets a read from Scheffler's putt and makes birdie to get to -5

Meanwhile, Aberg, who's played an exemplary outward nine, makes birdie on nine to get to 5 and he's just two off the lead.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa, Homa
-5 Aberg, Davis, Hojgaard, DeChambeau
-3 Young
-2 Schauffele, Smith

21:00 - Three straight bogeys for Fox

After three straight birdies to start his round and get to -4, Fox has bogeyed 7, 8 and 9 to drop back to +1.

Scheffler, Homa and DeChambeau make routine pars and things are largely as you are, though Morikawa does have a birdie look on the par-5 8th.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Homa
-5 Morikawa, DeChambeau
-4 Aberg, Davis, Hojgaard
-3 Young
-2 Smith

20:45 - Morikawa makes bogey on 6

A massive drive down 5 followed by an impressive iron gave Scheffler the chance for a rare birdie, but his putt falls a touch short, and he stays at -7.

Homa shows wonderful touch to save par on 4 while DeChambeau does the same. Morikawa sees a five-footer for par lip out, however, and he loses a shot.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Homa
-5 Morikawa, DeChambeau
-4 Aberg, Davis, Hojgaard
-3 Fox, Young
-2 Smith

20:35 - Morikawa new second favourite

He spent most of yesterday around 20/1-25/1, but a great start and some mistakes by the leaders has seen Morikawa jump up to second favourite at 5/1 in the betting.

Interestingly, after there were only three golfers available at single-figure prices for so long, two of them have drifted and been replaced by two more - Morikawa and Aberg (17/2).

DeChambeau misses the green left but should be able to get up and down on 4, Homa has missed very long and very left and has a lot to do for his par.

20:30 - Bogey for Scheffler

Scheffler finds the bunker on 4 and can't get up and down. He's finally punished for an error and the lead is back to one.

DeChambeau rolls his birdie attempt a fair way past the hole and he'll have plenty to do to avoid bogey on 3... he burns the edge with his par putt and drops back to -5.

Meanwhile on 5, Aberg has made his second birdie of the day after an outstanding approach to tap-in range. He's making a move.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa, Homa
-5 DeChambeau
-4 Fox, Aberg, Davis, Hojgaard
-3 Young
-2 Smith

20:25 - McIlroy finishes +3

It's a round of 71 for McIlroy after finding the bunker off the tee on 18. It's a steady round and he'll be back more for another 18 at Augusta, but the wait for a Green Jacket continues.

20:20 - Another birdie for Scheffler

Scheffler misses his drive a long way left and takes a drop, which appeared to be a free drop rather than an unplayable. He pokes one through to the green and holes a 30-foot putt for birdie.

We saw a couple of very lucky breaks for Scheffler on Thursday, making birdies from what looked like bogeys and he's done similar here. He's plenty good enough to win without Lady Luck shining on him, and it makes the job of the chasing pack even more difficult.

20:10 - Woods +7 at the turn

From out of the trees, DeChambeau sends a hook all the way over the back of the green. Things could've been much worse for him from where he was, though it's a tough up and down for birdie.

That appears to be a misjudgement from DeChambeau, whose pitch still hasn't found the green, though he still has an outside look for birdie.

Further up, it's been a difficult first nine for Woods, who's dropped six shots on 6, 7, 8 and 9 to fall to +7 at the turn.

20:00 - Three straight birdies for Morikawa

Even with his good course history, it was hard to see this sort of performance from Collin Morikawa. A short hitter who's never been the best putter recording such good finishes at Augusta is one thing, but the fact he routinely hits the ball left to right should in theory make his task harder still.

On top of that, his usually world class iron play has been very ordinary this season and he's shown no form whatsoever.

Regardless, he got to -3 yesterday and has birdied the first three holes today to get to -6 and is one off the lead.

Scheffler is unable to convert his birdie look on 2, while DeChambeau and Homa made pars on 1. DeChambeau however has tugged his drive a long way left and could be in a spot of bother.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Morikawa, Homa, DeChambeau
-5 Davis
-4 Fox, Hojgaard
-3 Aberg
-2 Smith

19:50 - Final group on the course

Homa loses his tee shot left, DeChambeau finds the fairway.

In the penultimate group, Nicolai Hojgaard looks to have made a superb recovery from the left rough, but the Dane just runs out of green and can't get up and down, carding an opening bogey.

-7 Scheffler
-6 Homa, DeChambeau
-4 Fox, Morikawa
-3 Aberg, Davis, Hojgaard
-2 Smith, Young

19:45 - Scheffler's underway

And would you believe it - not for the first time this week, Scheffler makes a mistake with an iron... and chips in for birdie. His tee shot was perfect, but he loses his approach a long way left, and dinks a perfect chip that checks up and finds the hole.

He takes the solo lead and is odds-on once again.

19:30 - Back-to-back birdies for Fox

With the course drying out, the tee shot on 2 is much easier, and players are able to carry the bunker and catch the top of the slope, allowing for 350-yard drives. The approach, however, is tougher, with the pin tucked on the back-left shelf, bringing the left bunker into play and making it extremely difficult to set up eagle chances.

Fox misses long and left but is able to cosy one up to a few feet for back-to-back birdies.

Cameron Smith has birdied 3 to get to -2, while Ludvig Aberg starts his third round with a par.

19:15 - Opening birdies for Young, Fox

Cam Young's drive was a little left, but he managed to leave a 10-foot birdie putt which he successfully holed to get off to the perfect start, moving to -2, joining Ryan Fox, who rolled one in from 17 feet for birdie.

Patrick Cantlay, meanwhile, has birdied the first two par-5s to get back to even-par.

19:00 - Later starters getting underway

It's been quite a mixed bag so far from those looking to make a push at the leaders so far. Matt Fitzpatrick has made an untidy three-putt bogey on 3; Xander Schauffele birdied the same hole to get under-par. After a really poor start where he was +2 thru 5 on Thursday (and +2 thru 12), Schauffele has gone -2 in his last 28 holes and there are few players who can grind as well as Schauffele.

Woods bogeyed 4 and bounced back with an ultra-rare birdie on 5

Chris Kirk currently has the round of the day, with birdies on 2, 8 and 12 to get back to +2 for the tournament

18:35 - One hour until Scheffler tees off

If the next two rounds go as we all predict, Scottie Scheffler will win the Masters for a second time in two years. Though he may seem unassuming, he's an absolute killer on the course. He's not even been on the PGA TOUR all that long before it already feels a shock that he's only won one major, and it's a matter of time before more follow.

He's the best iron player in the world, one of the best drivers with one of the best short games and surely has the best temperament in the game. The only question is over his putting - can he hole the putts he needs to? With the amount of looks he gives himself, thanks to his discipline and laser-sharp iron play, he should hole his share.

But golf isn't that simple. Remember, we've seen Greg Norman in 1996 blow a six-shot lead on the final day. Jordan Spieth, who'd been in the top three for 10 consecutive Masters rounds (and led or co-led after eight of his previous nine Masters rounds), blow a five-shot lead on the final round.

But something feels different about Scheffler. His almost robotic nature doesn't just keep him in contention, it arguably affects other players, who realise they need to be more aggressive and can't wait for a mistake from Scheffler.

Scheffler is 13/10 to win, ahead of 19/4 DeChambeau and 11/2 Homa.

18:00 - Tiger Woods underway

And it's a fairly routine par for Woods to start. We've seen he can still get around Augusta, and while +1 looked a little underwhelming at the time, his level-par 72 was one of just 16 that wasn't over par yesterday, and the longer the day went on, the better the round got.

We've seen lots of past champions continue long, long after their best; Gary Player and Arnold Palmer were still teeing it up at Augusta in their 70s when they're a shadow of their former selves, plodding around and shooting scores in the 80s - Woods won't be doing that. He only comes to Augusta when he feels he can compete, and it's hard to know how much longer that will last.

He still looks to be in remarkable physical shape, and though we'll likely never see him truly contend at Augusta again, it's perhaps best to enjoy these appearances while they last.

17:20 - McIlroy +1 thru 6

Plenty will have given up hope of McIlroy ever winning the Masters years ago, and now that it's 16 attempts with no success for the Northern Irishman, you do have to wonder if his time's been and gone. He birdied 2, but made bogeys on 1 and 6 to drop to +5 for the tournament.

He's played so well so often at Augusta, with one round often his undoing, but after 16 years, is he going to be able to find the formula at the 16th attempt?

If there's anything going for McIlroy, it's that Garcia won on his 19th try...

17:10 - Triple-bogey for Mickelson

And it's come from nowhere. One of the stories of last year's Masters was Mickelson's Sunday charge to finish T2, becoming the oldest runner-up at the Masters but that won't be happening this year.

He's made a triple on 3 that you wouldn't expect of an amateur. After just finishing off the green out of the fairway bunker, Mickelson has chipped miles past the hole, his par putt ran six feet by, his bogey putt missed low and left another three feet and he missed that one coming back. A three-putt from six feet and a triple-bogey from the three-time Masters champion.

16:20 - Matsuyama reaches the turn -3

The former champion could count himself extremely lucky to make the cut, particularly after making a double on the last yesterday to seemingly miss it, but he's made the most of that good fortune with three birdies on his front nine.

He won't be a repeat winner - at least not this year - but a couple of good rounds could see another good finish at Augusta.

15:00 - Early starters are out

It was a bizarre finish to the second round that saw players tumbling down the leaderboard with conditions bordering on the unplayable.

Justin Thomas went from level par (good enough for T15 overnight) to missing the cut on the number after dropping seven shots in four holes. Sergio Garcia dropped five in his final four to miss on the number, Wyndham Clark dropped three shots in his final five, missing a birdie putt on the last to make the cut. Viktor Hovland parred his last three, but not before losing his head on 15 to three-putt from five feet, carding a 7 and missing the cut by two.

Remarkably, it saw the cut line move from what looked like either +2 or +3 at the start of the day to +6, allowing Hideki Matsuyama, Tom Kim, Si Woo Kim, Adam Scott, Rickie Fowler and Jose Maria Olazabal to play the weekend.

14:00 - Saturday tee times

Tee times have been confirmed for round three, with the leaders going out at 7:45pm BST. Tiger Woods gets underway at 5:45pm with Tyrrell Hatton, while Rory McIlroy is out at 3:55pm with Camillo Villegas.

2:35 PM

 Rickie Fowler

 Hideki Matsuyama

2:45 PM

 Thorbjørn Olesen

 Russell Henley

2:55 PM

 José María Olazábal

 Luke List

3:05 PM

 Tom Kim

 Jake Knapp

3:15 PM

 Si Woo Kim

 Adam Scott

3:25 PM

 Jon Rahm

 Grayson Murray

3:35 PM

 Chris Kirk

 Tony Finau

3:45 PM

 JT Poston

 Keegan Bradley

3:55 PM

 Rory McIlroy

 Camillo Villegas

4:05 PM

 Joaquin Niemann

 Min Woo Lee

4:25 PM

 Sahith Theegala

 Phil Mickelson

4:35 PM

 Adam Hadwin

 Jason Day

4:45 PM

 Denny McCarthy

 Vijay Singh

4:55 PM

 Erik van Rooyen

 Will Zalatoris

5:05 PM

 Akshay Bhatia

 Shane Lowry

5:15 PM

 Patrick Cantlay

 Neal Shipley*

5:25 PM

 Corey Conners

 Harris English

5:35 PM

Brooks Koepka

 Taylor Moore

5:45 PM

 Tiger Woods

 Tyrrell Hatton

5:55 PM

 Xander Schauffele

 Eric Cole

6:15 PM

 Sepp Straka

 Matt Fitzpatrick

6:25 PM

 Kurt Kitayama

 Lucas Glover

6:35 PM

 Adam Schenk

 Patrick Reed

6:45 PM

 Byeong Hun An

 Cameron Smith

6:55 PM

 Danny Willett

 Ryan Fox

7:05 PM

 Cameron Young

 Tommy Fleetwood

7:15 PM

 Ludvig Åberg

 Matthieu Pavon

7:25 PM

 Cam Davis

 Collin Morikawa

7:35 PM

 Scottie Scheffler

 Nicolai Højgaard

7:45 PM

 Max Homa

 Bryson DeChambeau

13:45 - Welcome to day three!

After a wild Friday, conditions look set to be calmer, which should hopefully mean slightly lower scoring and will certainly mean no more six-hour rounds...

Players will go out at 2:35pm BST with the leaders out at 7:45pm.

1:00 - Clark misses the cut

A nice drive and approach left a makeable birdie putt for Clark, but he misses, and won't play the weekend as a result. 60 players of the field of 89 will play the weekend, and of the 29 to miss out, there are some big names:

Justin Thomas
Viktor Hovland
Jordan Spieth
Wyndham Clark
Dustin Johnson
Sam Burns
Brian Harman

Some notable players who did make the cut:

Jose Maria Olazabal
Phil Mickelson
Vijay Singh

And of course, Tiger Woods.

Scottie Scheffler is 11/8 favourite and is certainly the man to beat, but sharing the lead with him are Bryson DeChambeau (19/4) and Max Homa (11/2)

Here is your leaderboard heading into Sunday

-6 Scheffler, DeChambeau, Homa
-4 Hojgaard
-3 Davis, Morikawa
-2 Aberg
-1 Pavon, Young, Fleetwood, Willett, Fox, An, Smith
E Schenk, Reed, Kitayama, Glover, Straka, Fitzpatrick, Schauffele

0:50 - Scheffler finishes -6

Scheffler closes with a par and he'll be in the penultimate group with Nicolai Hojgaard on Saturday while Max Homa will go out with Bryson DeChambeau in the final group.

Tee times are still to be confirmed, but players will go out in twos at around 15:00 BST on Saturday, with the leaders going out around 19:30 BST.

0:45 - Bogey for Clark

Well, that should be that. Clark bogeys the 17th, meaning even a birdie on the last will still keep the cut line at +6. The question now is whether Clark can get himself in there.

It's worth noting there's only about 10 minutes to sunset and that's when we heard the horn yesterday. The final group of Clark, Hovland and Smith will get finished, but the rounds today - even with the wind - have pushed six hours, and there have been complaints, understandably so about pace of play today.

0:40 - Cut line update

There are currently 12 players T50 at +6, but if Wyndham Clark can make birdie on 18, that will mean everyone at +6 falls to T51 and misses the cut.

Of course, as we've seen today, birdies on the last are extremely hard to come by.

0:35 - 18th hole chaos

It is all happening on the final hole. We mentioned earlier that the 18th played the hardest on course in the first round and it's taking no prisoners this time.

Garcia and Thomas both made doubles to fall outside the cut line. Matsuyama made a double to drop to +6 (now set to make the cut), Tom Kim did the same, while Danny Willett made triple.

Meanwhile McIlroy's caught one of the earlier trees off the 18th tee and he'll do extremely well to make par on what is now a very long hole.

0:30 - Justin Thomas misses the cut

A complete catastrophe for Thomas, reminiscent of his finish last year, when he was five shots inside the cut line before dropping six shots in the final eight holes (and three in his final four). He's done similar this year.

Level par after the 14th hole, he's closed double-double-bogey-double. The kicker is that partly because of his miserable finish, the cut line could move to +6, meaning once again he'll miss by one.

0:25 - Birdie try from Scheffler

A tough birdie putt that looks good much of the way but runs on a good four feet by... but he holes the par putt and remains on -6.

McIlroy's drive was right off the tee and he could only find the bunker on approach, but he splashes out to six feet and saves par, meaning he can afford to bogey the last and see the weekend.

Of course, merely making the cut is not the goal for McIlroy, and he's going to have to go very, very low on Saturday and Sunday.

0:15 - Hovland to miss the cut

He needed a birdie on the 15th and he's made a mess of things. Laying up with his second, his wedge clears the green. His fourth runs a few feet by, but he misses the five-footer for par, then trying to sweep the bogey putt in, misses again. The best way to describe it would be 'Ernie Els on the 1st' His head's gone and he looks lost out there.

After doing so much good work on the last two holes, Rahm makes a sloppy bogey on 17, and he needs a par on the last to see the weekend.

0:00 - Huge birdie from Rahm!

From miles away! Rahm with a huge birdie on 16. He made a double bogey on 14 to sit one outside the cut line, birdied 15 to get back in, and birdies 16 to give himself some breathing room.

23:55 - Rahm and Clark on the cut line

The cut will be +5, and both Wyndham Clark (+4 today) and Jon Rahm (+4 today after birdieing 15) are both right on it. No mistakes from here out.

Hovland is one outside the line and needs a closing birdie.

23:50 - Back-to-back doubles for Thomas

What's ordinarily a birdie or eagle opportunity is becoming really difficult for players, with Justin Thomas falling from even-par to +2 with a miserable 7 before making another double on 16. Suddenly from being on the fringes of the top 10, Thomas is now looking over his shoulder.

Thomas found the water with his second on 15, pitching over the green, running his bogey putt six feet past and missing on the way back.

The putter's been a huge issue for Thomas all season and it proves to be so again on 16. Inexcusably finding the bunker on 16, his only shot out leaves him the wrong end of the green, missing his bogey putt from four feet for another double.

23:40 - Bogey for Fitzpatrick on 15

It's a really messy bogey from Fitzpatrick. Considering the wind - and his short game - surely the right play was to lay well back of the water on 15. Instead, the former US Open champion runs into the water, takes a drop, and misses a par putt from 10 feet. Fitzpatrick falls out of the group of players on -2.

23:30 - Par for Scheffler on 14

Scheffler's drive leaks a little right, but it's easy enough to get on the green and two-putt for a par. Considering the conditions, there won't be much wrong with a level-par round for Scheffler today to retain a share of the lead.

He's on the 15th now, and though we saw Woods find the green in two earlier, the wind's picked up more since, and even with a big drive, it looks like Scheffler's going to have to lay up here.

23:15 - Bogey for Scheffler on 13

A very rare bogey on a par-5 for Scheffler, whose par putt shaves the edge. The fact that Scheffler's made three bogeys in 13 holes should tell you how hard it is out there today.

The 2022 champion is out to 8/5.

23:05 - Scheffler finds water on 13

There's no lucky break like yesterday. Scheffler is one of the few to take on the 13th green today and smashes into the bank and finds the water. The gamble hasn't paid off but it was worth taking. He now needs to get up and down for par, but he could have had an eagle putt, as opposed to laying up and struggling to leave a birdie putt as so many have.

Now, though, he needs to get up and down...

22:55 - Cut set to be +5

It's looked like +5 for a while, and though that's still to be confirmed, it'll likely be +5.

That will mean the end of the tournament for Spieth (+9), Burns (+9), Kim (+6), Fowler (+6) and possibly Hovland. The Norwegian played some nice golf yesterday to card a 71 but has endured a nightmare start today.

He bogeyed 1, hooked his drive on 2 and took a drop. His attempted recovery led to another drop, eventually finding the fairway in five and the green in six, but two-putted for triple bogey. He followed with a double on 4 and a bogey on 5 and desperately needs to find something to make the weekend.

22:35 - Scheffler odds-on

It's been threatening for a while, and for the first time, Scheffler's gone odds-on for the US Masters at 20/21.

DeChambeau's left himself miles for birdie on 18 and lags his put to around eight feet, while Scheffler's cosied one up to the hole to sure make par on 11.

DeChambeau's putt slides by and he'll join Max Homa in the clubhouse on -6. Good, but a little disappointing.

McIlroy does hit a nice wedge, but his putt burns the edge, he drops to +2, and the wait for the career Grand Slam goes on.

22:30 - McIlroy finds water on 11

There's no denying it's horrific out there at the moment, but we're seeing constant reminders of why Scheffler is so much better than McIlroy at the moment. The two are playing side by side and we see Scheffler leave himself a huge putt on 11, taking water out of play, while McIlroy brings water in to play and finds it.

McIlroy may get up and down for five and Scheffler may three-putt for five, but we could be seeing another two-shot swing here.

22:15 - The chasing pack

It's hard to see any of Homa, DeChambeau or Scheffler not being up there, but we were paying eight places before the tournament, and the remaining five spots (plus ties) could be occupied by anyone at the moment. With respect the players up there, it wouldn't be a surprise to see them shooting over par on Saturday and allowing players back into it. Those on -1 are only a shot out of the places at the moment.

Danny Willett's made a real hash of 18. He sliced his tee shot so far right he ended up on 10, then finding the greenside bunker with his second; he stayed in it for his third, then thinned one out for his fourth, leaving a 50-footer for bogey. That attempt runs seven feet by and he misses his double bogey putt, carding an unfortunate 7 to finish what had been an excellent round.

-7 DeChambeau, Scheffler
-6 Homa
-4 Hojgaard
-3 Davis, Morikawa
-2 Aberg, Fitzpatrick
-1 Pavon, Young, Fleetwood, Willett, Fox, Straka, Cantlay, Smith

22:05 - Winds wreaking havoc

Players are having to back off shots, while Gary Woodland's ball on 16 green has just been blown off its spot. He's able to replace it without penalty, but it's not impossible play gets halted if this wind gets any stronger.

The forecast for Saturday looks breezy but nothing like this.

As the co-leader heads to Amen Corner, Scheffler is currently 23/20, DeChambeau is 15/4.

22:00 - Birdie for Scheffler

Phenomenal from Scheffler.

Fans love the trailblazing, swashbuckling golfers like Mickelson and Seve who pull off the impossible, and it can be a little dull watching Scheffler perpetually play the percentages - even if it gets results - but while everyone's been taking 3-wood on 10, Scheffler's taken driver leaving himself a wedge in to set up a birdie chance on a hole that's given up just 15 birdies so far this week. He could've played the safe option but went with driver and holed his putt.

DeChambeau meanwhile misjudges the wind on 16, airmailing the green, but shows superb touch to get up and down and save par.

-7 DeChambeau, Scheffler
-6 Homa
-4 Hojgaard, Willett
-3 Davis, Morikawa, Aberg
-2 Fitzpatrick

21:50 - DeChambeau lips another one

His last two holes have seen two lip-outs mean instead of going 4-4 he's gone 5-5, but after holing so much yesterday, perhaps a few near misses were on the cards,

On 10, where most players are taking 3-wood to find the fairway, Scheffler bombs driver right down the middle. The 10th is not a birdie hole, but Scheffler's made things easier for himself.

The wind is making things so difficult right now. Danny Willett hit a perfect approach on 17 running up to the flag with the wind just carrying him off the back of the green.

21:45 - Scheffler saves par on 9

After bombing a drive down the ninth fairway, Scheffler commits the simplest of errors in not getting his approach to hold the green. There can't be many more frustrating sights at Augusta than seeing your ball trickle back to you on 9. His second effort runs past the flag, leaving himself six feet to save par... which he does

DeChambeau laid up on 15, pitching to leave himself another birdie look.

21:35 - Spieth misses the cut

A lot was expected this week of Spieth, who said his game had been in a good place for a while. His Masters record speaks for itself, and considering the conditions, it looked perfect for the 2015 champion/

He got back to +7 but needed a couple more birdies coming home, but bogeyed 11, 13 and 17 and won't be playing the weekend.

It's the latest chapter in a turbulent 2024 for Spieth, and for those keeping track, Spieth has:

Finished 3rd at the Sentry, finishing two back on -27
Finished T6 at the WM Phoenix Open
Been disqualified from the Genesis Invitational when five inside the cut line after signing an incorrect scorecard
Missed cuts at THE PLAYERS and Valspar Championship
Finished T10 at the Valero Texas Open, in which he deliberately played a shot onto the clubhouse roof
Carded a quadruple bogey nine at the Masters, missing another cut

21:30 - Rahm's struggles continue

We've seen very little of Rahm this week. He battled around yesterday to a 73, and after making an almighty mess of the third, managing to eventually save bogey. He's parred both of the par-5s and bogeyed 6 to leave himself on +3. It's expected he'll make the weekend, but he'll be slipping the Green Jacket on someone else on Sunday.

DeChambeau meanwhile leaves himself a huge putt up the hill for par on 14 and it looks good all the way... before painfully lipping out around the hole. Excellent putt not rewarded.

-7 DeChambeau
-6 Homa, Scheffler
-4 Hojgaard, Willett
-3 Davis, Morikawa
-2 Aberg, Fox, Cantlay, Fitzpatrick

21:25 - Scheffler bounces back

A nice drive, a nice approach, a nice pitch, and a tap-in birdie for Scheffler to get back to -6.

On 18, Aberg finds himself in trouble, having to hole a long putt for bogey, but he does that, and gets to the clubhouse on -2, carding a very impressive 69.

21:05 - Bogey for Scheffler; birdie for DeChambeau

A sloppy hole really from the 2022 champion, he's now at -5, three back of DeChambeau and out to 17/10. The current leader is into 3/1.

Homa is 11/2 after finishing with an impressive 71 to get into the clubhouse on -6.

DeChambeau takes what must surely be an unprecedented move of playing his third from the 14th fairway, finding the green and giving his caddie a well earned fist bump for a good yardage. He rolls his birdie putt in and leads Homa by two and Scheffler by three.

21:00 - DeChambeau finds trouble on 13

After absolutely launching a drive into the trees on 13, DeChambeau opts to play up onto 14 fairway rather than try play his was back onto 13 and might do well just to make a 5 from there.

Scheffler skids one out of the bunker than scuttles past the hole, and he's got a long one left to save par.

20:55 - Mistakes from Scheffler

If you want an idea of how bad the wind is at Augusta right now, Woods is shielding his face on 18 green from the bunker. Half the sand has left the bunker, whipping into Woods' face. It's so windy it's created an actual sandstorm.

Back on 7, say it quietly, but there are mistakes creeping into Scheffler's game. He's largely getting away with them, but he's pulling irons left, missing putts and has now pushed a drive right. He has no shot to the green so punches one forward into the greenside bunker and will have an up and down attempt to avoid a second bogey in four holes.

20:50 - Tiger Woods: Record-breaker

There aren't many records in golf left for Woods to break, but he's just broken another. Prior to this year's tournament, Woods was tied with Fred Couples and Gary Player for the most consecutive cuts made at the Masters with 23.

Signing off with a fantastic 72, Woods makes it 24, holding the record alone. Assuming his body is up to it - which it should be with a full evening's rest and a later tee time tomorrow - we'll be seeing Woods at the weekend once again.

Here are 20 more incredible facts and achievements from Woods' storied career

20:40 - DeChambeau retakes the lead on 12

Fantastic from DeChambeau. Considering the conditions, finding the green is impressive enough on 12 today, but he sends one right over the flag to birdie range, draining his putt to get back to -7.

Scheffler misses another green left on 6, but chips down to inside a foot and saves par.

Elsewhere, Corey Conners who was -3 earlier in the day (currently good enough for T7) has gone bogey-double-double on 10, 11 and 12 to drop back to +2 and he needs to quickly stop the bleeding.

Ludvig Aberg is nearing the end of an outstanding round. Keep in mind he had to play six holes this morning before starting his second round, and when anything under par looks impressive, the Swede has made six birdies to go from +2 thru 7 to -3 in the space of nine holes.

20:30 - Bogeys for DeChambeau... and Scheffler

Well, well, well. The 11th claims another victim as DeChambeau makes bogey, giving Scheffler the solo lead which lasted less than a minute. A reasonable birdie attempt comes up a couple of feet short, but Scheffler inexplicably lips one out to make bogey. The bogey-free streak comes to an end, and that brings a few more into it...

Scheffler's now out to 11/8, Homa's 11/2, DeChambeau's13/2.

20:20 - Three-horse race?

Lots of credit needs to go to Max Homa for getting himself in this when Scheffler and DeChambeau were pulling away from everyone in the afternoon yesterday. He battled awful conditions and has played solid golf today to keep himself in the mix.

He remains -1 for the day and one back of the leaders, and the betting suggests it's one of these three. Scheffler edges ever closer to odds-on, while the fourth favourite is already as big as 25/1 (Cantlay).

21/20 - Scheffler (-7)
6/1 - Homa (-6), DeChambeau (-7)

20:10 - Scheffler remains bogey-free

His round yesterday was exemplary. They say golf is a game of misses, and no one sums that up better than Scheffler, whose misses are so few.

But his tee shot on 4 is miles left, and he's got a long pitch to the hole. It runs six feet by, but he holes his par putt, and it's now 23 holes since his last bogey at Augusta.

For the record, Stuart Appleby holds the record with a remarkable 50-hole bogey-free streak from 2001, though Appleby never touched the leaderboard at what was a more playable Augusta.

Francesco Molinari made it 49 holes in 2019, Ben Hogan was 43 in 1947 and Steve Stricker is the only other player to have made it 40 or more holes without a bogey at Augusta.

19:50 - Nine within five shots

Scheffler missed his birdie putt after an excellent shot out of the bunker so he stays in a share of the lead with DeChambeau, but there are plenty of players to keep an eye on.

-7 DeChambeau, Scheffler
-6 Homa
-5 Willett
-4 Hojgaard, Fox
-3 Davis, Conners
-2 Young, Aberg, Cantlay, Fitzpatrick

Honourable mention to Tiger Woods, who's managed to find the 15th green in two. He's driven 292 - into the wind - then sent a 250-yard approach - into the same wind - right into the middle of the green. We've seen long hitters lay up, while 48-year-old Woods gives it two big lashes to set up eagle chance.

19:30 - Birdie for Scheffler

A textbook par-5 from Scheffler: long drive, perfect lay-up, perfect pitch, tap-in birdie and he gets to -7.

His drive on 3, however, leaves a lot to be desired, finding bunker left. He should be able to find the green from there, but one of the easier holes on the course just became a little tough.

Hojgaard drops a shot on 17 to drop back to -5

Jon Rahm with an all-time bad putt on 3. He had a good 50 feet for birdie but absolutely launches it by the hole and off the green, and it's not a green you can afford to run off. He's back down the hill with a pitch back up to try and save bogey.

19:20 - Tough conditions

The greens are a little slower than yesterday, but the course seems to have, dried out while the wind has persisted, and to give you an idea of how tough it is out there, just 12 players are under par, 22 players are level par and 55 players are over par.

Rounds in the 60s will be extremely hard to come by today, though Sam Burns, who shot 80 in round one, is currently -3 thru 13.

19:05 - Eagle for Cantlay

Few players were as up and down as Patrick Cantlay on Thursday. Cantlay carded three birdies and four bogeys as well as a hole-out eagle on 17 and he's started Friday in similar fashion.

A big miss left forced a penalty drop, he missed the green with his fourth, scrambling for a bogey six. He then bounced back with another hole-out eagle, this time from 63 yards.

He's now -2 and back into the top 10.

19:00 - Long birdie from DeChambeau

Scheffler burns the hole on 1 to stay at -6, while DeChambeau holes a 20-footer on 7 to retake the solo lead.

19:00 - Cut now projected to be +5

It's tight between +4 and +5 at the moment. +5 could bring a few more players into it, with Spieth at +7, Adam Scott at +6, Sam Burns at +6 and plenty at +4.

McIlroy finds the green but he's a long way from the hole on one, while Scheffler looks to be around 10 feet away from an opening birdie.

18:55 - Eagle for Willett!

There's a lot of golf to be played, but Willett has played 26 holes and is only two back after holing out from 100 yards to get to -4. He's having fun out there.

Scheffler piped his drive up the middle while McIlroy found the bunker and faces a tricky shot out.

18:45 - Bogey for Homa on 11

Right on cue (apologies to Max Homa fans and backers).

Homa is a little left off the tee and opts to lay up, leaving himself a 20-footer for par. That misses low and he's back to -6.

Four players are now tied at -6 with a sizeable gap growing from the rest. Scheffler's about to get his second round underway, and here's the current leaderboard:

-6 Homa, DeChambeau, Scheffler, Hojgaard
-3 Davis, Conners, Fox,
-2 Young, Willett, An, Niemann

18:40 - Marquee groups heading out

Bryson DeChambeau misses a half decent birdie chance, leaving another putt a long way short. Homa has now made seven consecutive pars but has reached Amen Corner...

Considering the conditions, you'd be surprised if even Scheffler can get to -10 today, so Homa's -7 is a good score with two par-5s to come.

Hojgaard follows his birdie on 13 with another on 14 and the rookie is now just one back.

2018 champion Patrick Reed has made his fourth birdie of the day to get to red numbers for the week.

18:25 - Double bogey for Young

A really poor second from Cam Young on 11 finds the water and he can't get up and down for bogey so he drops back to +2.

Hojgaard gets back to -5 with a third birdie of the day, this one coming on 13.

Meanwhile, Willett had made double on the very difficult fifth.

Tiger's now at Amen Corner after three bogeys and three birdies so far today. Despite all his physical issues, he's got three, maybe even four, shots to play with to make the cut for a record-breaking 24th consecutive time.

18:10 - Bogey for DeChambeau

...and Max Homa is the solo leader at -7.

A careless tee shot from DeChambeau goes long and left of 4 green, his pitch left an awkward 15-footer for par which was left well short, and he walks off with bogey.

6/4 - Scheffler (-6)
19/4 - Homa (-7)
9/1 - DeChambeau (-6)

18:00 - Toughest holes on course

Typically, there are around nine holes you can birdie and nine holes you can't at Augusta; 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12 always play over par; the par-5s play under par, but across the first round, the 18th actually played the hardest hole, nearly a half shot over par.

Despite being downwind, players struggled to find the green and get up and down, with 18, 11 and 5 playing as the hardest on course, with 8, 13 and 2 playing as the easiest.

The majority of the winner's score will come from their par-5 exploits. Back in 2007, a rain-soaked Augusta saw short hitter Zach Johnson win as he went -11 on the par-5s and +12 on the rest of the holes.

17:50 - Bogeys for Young; Hojgaard

It's a shot you've seen a million times over the years after players bomb a drive down the 9th, leaving a nice wedge back up the hill; find the middle of the green and leave a birdie putt; leave it a fraction short and you're tumbling back down the fairway and unfortunately that's exactly what Cam Young's just done, then missing his nine-foot par putt.

Up on 11, Hojgaard has given a shot back to also drop to -4

Further down the leaderboard and there are some big names in danger of missing the cut. Lowry is +5, Theegala is +5, Spieth is +7, Burns is +8 and Dustin Johnson is +9.

It's looking more and more likely the cut will be +4, and Woods is currently three shots inside that as he approaches the turn.

One hour to go until Scheffler and McIlroy take to the course.

17:35 - DeChambeau saves par

DeChambeau tries to get too cute and pitches straight into the bunker. He's a very lucky boy to get up and down from there.

He bumps one out to eight feet and holes a good putt for a five after making a real mess of the hole. Four poor shots and leaves with a par. He stays at -7, but is 15/2 to win.

-7 Homa, DeChambeau
-6 Scheffler
-5 Hojgaard, Young
-4 Willett
-3 Davis, Moore, Fox

17:00 - DeChambeau on the course

It's a par start for the overnight leader, who then finds trouble off the second tee, having to lay up short of the green, but he's short sided and a birdie looks impossible from there.

Homa remains tied at -7 after four straight pars, while Hojgaard has picked up those two dropped shots on 9 and 10 to get back to -5.

16:55 - Another birdie for Young

In terms of how much his game elevates for majors, Cam Young rivals Will Zalatoris. The big difference between the two is that Zalatoris has won on the PGA TOUR while Young is still a maiden.

In his short career, Young has four top-10s in his last seven major starts, including at the Masters, PGA Championship and The Open. A birdie on 6 and he's -3 thru 6 for the day, two back of the leaders, and in to 14/1.

What a story it would be if his first professional win was at Augusta...

Former champion Danny Willett who was sensational yesterday is underway but has started with a bogey on the first to drop back to -3, and Taylor Moore has birdied the first and eagled the second to leap to -4.

Pavon, who started so well with two early birdies has made three straight bogeys and he's back to +1.

16:35 - Triple bogey for Theegala

Sahith Theegala's been one of the leading players on the PGA TOUR this season with four top-10 finishes (and three coming in Signature Events) but he struggles in the first round is now in danger of missing the cut after a triple-bogey seven on 3.

His drive left a wedge to the green, but it took him four blows to get it there, then two-putting from nine feet to drop to +5.

16:25 - Homa ties the lead!

Homa from the better part of 40 feet for birdie! He safely finds the green on 4 but far enough away to be more than happy with a two-putt par. He goes one better and joins DeChambeau at -7, and is now 13/2 to win the US Masters.

Meanwhile 2023 Champion Golfer of the Year Brian Harman is at the other end of the leaderboard and will not be playing Saturday and Sunday after a disastrous second nine.

After birdies on 8 and 9 to get to -2, Harman gave both shots back on 11 and 12. Forgivable. But he followed with a double on 13, a triple on 16 and two more doubles on 17 and 18, finishing 7-4-5-6-6-6 to card an 81.

16:20 - Cut line moving

At the start of the day's play it looked like +3 wouldn't be enough to see the weekend; now it could be that +4 (or potentially +5) is enough to see the weekend.

Anyone fortunate enough to finish +2 should be playing another couple of days.

16:10 - Cam Young three back

Cam Young carded an impressive six birdies in the first round and might have been frustrated to only finish on -2, but he's birdied 2 and 3 today to get to -4, three back of the leader.

Nicolai Hojgaard unfortunately makes it back-to-back bogeys on 5 and 6 to fall to -3, while Matthieu Pavon birdies 2 and 4 to get to -4.

Woods meanwhile gets back to even-par with a nice birdie on 3, with Koepka also on even-par after birdieing the second.

Although there's some decent scoring higher up the leaderboard, there are some big numbers being posted at the moment, and the cut line looks to be shifting closer to +4.

15:55 - Homa gets within one

If anyone is going to challenge Scheffler and DeChambeau, Max Homa looks the most likely. It's not been the happiest of hunting grounds for Homa, who's typically struggled in majors as it is. In his previous 12 rounds at Augusta, he's never shot one in the 60s until today, and cards a first birdie of round two on the par-5 second.

Has he figured Augusta out?

Meanwhile back on 1, Spieth's struggles continue. With the wind being as strong as it has been, it was inevitable players would miss greens and rely on their short games and there aren't many better than Spieth, especially around Augusta's greens, but he's had absolutely nothing going for him so far. Partly owing to his disaster on 15 where he took seven shots from 77 yards (and six from 33 yards), Spieth is rock bottom in SG: Around the Green this week. He misses right off the first tee, can't reach the green, and fails to get up and down. It's another bogey for the 2015 champion.

15:30 - Winning trends

You may have seen a stat during yesterday's first round that every winner in the last 19 years has been in the top 11 after the first round, but perhaps more importantly, in the last 14 years, only Sergio Garcia has been more than five shots back after the first round and won, and that's when Charley Hoffman blitzed the field on Thursday. Generally, it's important to be there or thereabouts early.

Looking at those who were within six of the lead yesterday, it would leave the below:

DeChambeau, Scheffler, Hojgaard, Homa, Willett, Davis, Fox, Pavon, Young, Conners, An, Niemann, Zalatoris, Kitayama, Shipley (a), Morikawa, Van Rooyen, Moore, Olesen, Glover, Finau, Cantlay, Fitzpatrick, McIlroy, Hovland and Smith.

Generally speaking though, it's uncommon to come from any more than four back, which would reduce the list to just those first seven players.

15:00 - Round one complete

And while the late starters from yesterday are getting straight back on the horse, yesterday's players, who perhaps had the best of the conditions, will see the tables turned.

There'll be a steady breeze throughout the day, but gusts could reach 40mph later in the afternoon which could make things tricky.

Only two players are single-figure prices which doesn't make great viewing from a neutral's perspective, with Scheffler not quite reaching odds-on yet at 7/5, with DeChambeau 11/2 and Max Homa, who enjoyed a stellar opening round, 10/1.

14:40 - From bad to worse for Spieth

After making a quadruple-bogey nine on 15, Spieth finds the bunker on 16 - but manages to get up and down for par - only to miss from inside two feet on 17 to make another bogey. It's a disaster for Spieth, who's had a turbulent year, but has always insisted his game is in a good place and that it's only the scores that haven't been there. It's going to require a turnaround that's surely even beyond Spieth to make the weekend.

Meanwhile, the early starters are getting their second rounds underway, and the late finishers - including Spieth - will follow them out shortly.

14:10 - Spieth cards a nine

It's a complete disaster for Spieth who's now set to miss the cut for the second time in his last three Masters appearances. Laying up on approach, Spieth sends a pitch over the green, then chips into the water with his fourth, taking a drop for his fifth, again missing the green long for his sixth, chipping on and putting twice for a nine.

He's now back to +6 and is likely going to need to play his remaining 21 holes around four-under-par just to have a chance of making the weekend.

13:40 - DeChambeau to be first-round leader

There are still a few groups finishing their opening rounds, but barring a miracle by Max Homa, Bryson DeChambeau will hold the first-round lead.

The 35/1 shot looks to have held off Scottie Scheffler by a shot, but it's the world #1 who's the man to watch after an opening 66.

bet365's Steve Freeth said: "Bookmakers are already running scared of Scottie Scheffler with the world #1 shortening from an opening price of 4/1 into 8/5 with a bogey-free round of 66 – even the wind couldn’t blow him off course!

"Worryingly for us, the best player on the planet is already handily placed and that’s an ominous sign.

"The only thing worse for us would be a win for Tiger Woods and he’s not started too badly either."

13:30 - Projected cut

It's still very early, but it's looking like the cut will be +3, though that could easily swing a shot either way.

The cut will be top 50 and ties.

13:15 - Round 2 tee times

Thankfully, there was enough golf played yesterday to mean the late finishers will have enough time to start their second rounds as scheduled.

Leader Bryson DeChambeau will go out at 16:54 BST, and here are some other featured times for round two:


T Woods

J Day

M Homa


B Harman

B Koepka

T Kim


J Spieth

L Aberg

S Theegala


D Johnson

C Morikawa

T Fleetwood


H Matsuyama

W Zalatoris

J Thomas


J Rahm

M Fitzpatrick

N Dunlap


S Scheffler

R McIlroy

X Schauffele


W Clark

V Hovland

C Smith

And you can see the rest of the round two tee times here

13:00 - How will Woods fare?

It's the consummately professional round from Woods yesterday, a round of a player who's made 23 consecutive cuts at the Masters, knowing where to miss, where to score, and battling to scramble brilliantly.

No one's expecting Woods to win, but he'll be desperate to break Gary Player's and Fred Couples' record of consecutive cuts made that he currently shares.

Woods missed three out of 10 fairways and six out of 13 greens, but got up and down superbly to save par on 10, 11 and 12 and keep himself under par.

Of course, the biggest concern for Woods is his body and how he handles that gruelling Augusta walk. While he'll have much preferred to be finished yesterday afternoon and get rested, he's finished in the dark last night and is back out to play 23 holes first thing in the morning.

12:50 - Welcome to day two

Play is back underway at Augusta National, with the last group of Spieth, Theegala and Aberg starting on 12 tee, and while it's never an easy tee shot, the winds today aren't forecast to be anywhere near as bad as yesterday.

The first group of the second round did get finished yesterday, so they'll go out as scheduled at 13:00 BST, with Tiger Woods out at 15:18 for his second round, meaning he'll a couple of hours to finish his final five holes and get straight back out there.

0:50 - There's the horn

And that will be the end of day one. It appears the group of Spieth-Aberg-Theegala, assuming they opt to finish the 11th, will start tomorrow morning on the 12th. Good luck if that's the case.

It's an eclectic leaderboard at the moment, with rookies, major champions and of course, Scottie Scheffler, who could hardly have had a better first day.

Here's your top 10 (and selected others) after Thursday:

-7 DeChambeau
-6 Scheffler
-5 Hojgaard (15)
-4 Willett
-3 Fox, Davis, Hatton (14), Homa (13)
-2 Conners, An, Niemann, Zalatoris, Reed (14), Pavon (14), Aberg (11), Fleetwood (10)
-1 Fitzpatrick, McIlroy, Hovland, Smith, Woods (13)
E Thomas, Schauffele, Lowry (16), Koepka (11)
+1 Mickelson, Rahm, Clark,
+2 Spieth (11)
+4 Matsuyama

The first round will resume at 12:45pm BST on Friday with the second round to follow straight after.

0:45 - Nicolai Hojgaard gets to -5

The big-hitting Dane isn't always the most accurate off the tee, but that's not holding him back today. Even-par thru six, Hojgaard has motored on since then with birdies on 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 before giving one back on 14, but he sets up an eagle look on 15.

Lights are on at the clubhouse and even though TV always makes it look lighter than it actually is, it is looking rather dim at the moment, and we're coming towards the conclusion of the day.

0:20 - Wind picking up

It is really gusting out there, causing Woods to back off his shot from the 11th fairway. He's playing with Jason Day, who's surely made the most bizarre sartorial choice of the day (keeping in mind Sergio Garcia came out dressed as a tub of weed killer), wearing what almost look like waterproof trousers that are essentially acting as a sail. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him take flight.

Tommy Fleetwood's quietly putting a nice round together. Owing to ill health, regular caddie Ian Finnis isn't with Fleetwood this week, but he's gone out in 33 with three straight birdies on 7, 8 and 9.

To give an idea of how tough it's been today - and how good DeChambeau and Scheffler were - Only eight players on the course are better than -2 and only 17 are better than -1, while 47 are over-par.

-7 DeChambeau
-6 Scheffler
-4 Willett, Hojgaard, Homa
-3 Fox, Davis, Fleetwood

0:05 - Woods reaches Amen Corner

And he's still under-par after his birdie on 8.

Meanwhile, Tyrrell Hatton, who's previously expressed his disdain for Augusta and said that he has no chance to win this week put together a lovely first nine of three-under-par, including a hole-out for birdie on the 5th. Hatton has just one finish in the top 30 in seven Masters appearances, and found a place in the top 10 before coming short with his tee shot on 12.

A nice pitch onto the green saves bogey, but it's one back for Hatton.

23:55 - Aberg -2 thru 8

Every year, the winner will be a player who takes advantage of the par-5s, with most of their scoring coming on those four holes.

The big-hitting Ludvig Aberg is deploying that strategy perfectly so far, birdieing his first two par-5s and parring the rest to get to -2.

Max Homa, meanwhile has just completed a superb outward nine, with four birdies getting himself to -4 at the turn.

23:45 - A little over an hour's play left

The sun sets in Augusta just before 1am UK time and the players on the course will be keen to get as many holes completed as they can, and if they can get round Amen Corner, that will be a bonus - nobody will want their first shot of the day to be on 12 tee.

23:30 - Two-horse race?

As brilliant as the Masters is, it feels like a long, long time since it's presented real drama. The weather didn't help the 2023 iteration with 30 holes being played on the final day and Rahm winning by four. The year before, Scheffler won by three having led by six on Saturday, while Hideki Matsuyama took a four-shot lead into Sunday, the same as Dustin Johnson in 2020.

We've not yet finished the first round but Scheffler and DeChambeau have done a number on the field today.

If there is to be any drama over the weekend, it may come via Scheffler's wife Meredith, who's heavily pregnant. Remember, Scheffler insisted no matter what, he'd be leaving the course should his wife go into labour, so there's hope for the chasing pack just yet...

23:20 - Scheffler posts bogey-free 66

A remarkable round of golf. DeChambeau may still lead by one, but Scheffler's round might actually have been more impressive considering the conditions and just the nature of his play. He made so few mistakes, but even when he did make a mistake he turned it around and added a coupe of bonus birdies that could so easily have been bogeys.

First-round leader bets won't be settled until tomorrow, and there are players on the leaderboard with plenty of holes to play, but it's hard to see anyone matching DeChambeau.

23:00 - Messy finish from Fitzpatrick

The Englishman's played really well for much of the first round but made a sloppy bogey on 14, couldn't get up and down for birdie on 15, missed a birdie putt on 16 and made another bogey on 17.

He's then gone long and right of the green on 18, leaving his par putt well short. From -4 to the clubhouse on -1. A frustrating end to the day for the former US Open champion.

Jon Rahm's not been at his best today and misses a lengthy par putt on 18 to drop to +1.

It all makes for a strange leaderboard. There's DeChambeau leading on -7, Scheffler one back on -6, then Danny Willett who surely can't contend considering his injury on -4, the unfancied Ryan Fox and Matthieu Pavon on -3.

The names that might concern Scheffler - McIlroy (-1), Schauffele (E), Rahm (+1), Koepka (+1), Spieth (+3) and Matsuyama (+4) are all well in the rear-view mirror at the moment.

22:45 - Back-to-back birdies for Scheffler

We've not even finished the first round, Scheffler's not even leading, but it's already getting harder to see him not winning this.

He missed his eagle putt on 15 but tapped in for birdie, then sticking his approach on 16 inside three feet. That's four birdies in five holes, and two of them came after finding a bunker and somehow avoiding a water hazard.

He's now 23/20 to win.

22:25 - Eagle look for Scheffler

Golf is much, much harder than Scottie Scheffler makes it look. He's got 240 yards to the flag on 15, fires his approach to the middle of the green and he'll have 12 feet for eagle to get within one of DeChambeau.

He's 8/5 with an eagle putt to come...

22:10 - Another birdie for McIlroy

Frustratingly, he parred the 13th, but has birdies on 12 and 14 and suddenly he gets to -2 after a slow start and is in to 9/1.

Speaking of slow starts, Jordan Spieth's giving himself lots of work to do. His first chip on 1 rolled back to him before missed a 12-foot bogey putt. His wedge on 2 only just found the green, and he's just missed a birdie putt from 10 feet on 3.

Elsewhere, Fitzpatrick's birdie run ends with a disappointing bogey on 14 to drop back to -3.

-7 DeChambeau
-4 Willett, Zalatoris, Scheffler
-3 Fox, Fitzpatrick, Pavon

21:50 - Scheffler narrowly avoids water on 13

It's another mistake from Scheffler and another that will surely lead to birdie.

We see Scheffler's fancy footwork on every full swing, but on the slope of the 13th fairway, he almost lost his feet from under him, cutting right across the ball and finding the hazard in front of the green. His ball has somehow stayed dry, though, and he pitches up to a few feet for an easy birdie.

Spieth missed his bogey putt after making a real mess around the first green, while Dustin Johnson and Collin Morikawa also bogeyed the first.

We saw DeChambeau play Amen Corner two-under-par earlier on - Matt Fitzpatrick has gone one better, birdieing all three to get within three of the lead.

21:40 - Birdie from the bunker for Scheffler!

He's really not done anything special today yet finds himself -3 and very much in the hunt. After missing the 12th green long and finding the bunker, he still pops one out and in for a birdie. And that's why it's so hard for everyone else. Even his mistakes lead to birdies.

He's 5/2 and getting closer to even money and we're only halfway through the first round...

Meanwhile Hovland couldn't even make bogey on 10 after taking an unplayable, and his double sees him drop to -2.

-7 DeChambeau
-4 Willett
-3 Fox, An, Zalatoris, Fitzpatrick, Scheffler, Clark, Davis

21:35 - Who will close the gap on DeChambeau?

Right now, most of the game's big names have left a lot to be desired. Scheffler's played typical solid if unspectacular golf to get to -2, but has missed the green on 12, while Rahm has battled to -1, but McIlroy is E, Schauffele is +2, Matsuyama is +3, even Brooks Koepka has just bogeyed the opening hole and Spieth is about to do the same if not worse.

21:25 - DeChambeau in the clubhouse with 65

It's almost impossible to see that round being bettered today. Outstanding stuff from DeChambeau today and he's most certainly a contender. Only he and Scheffler are currently sub-5/1, while Rahm is third favourite on 16/1.

Elsewhere, we're seeing lots of dropped shots.

Byeong-hun An finds water off the 16th tee, and with the flag where it is it's a criminal miss. Woods hooks his tee shot and finds his ball nestled against a tree, forcing a left-handed punch out. Hovland has flayed his approach on 10 miles right and that's almost certainly going to be a bogey.

More positively, Zalatoris has set up a good eagle look on 13 while Fitzpatrick - on the back of a birdie on 11 - has stiffed his tee shot on 12 for birdie.

21:10 - Birdie start for Woods!

Laying back off the tee, Woods sends an iron pin high to eight feet, curling in the birdie putt. Superb start.

Hovland is in a tie for second after a terrific opening nine to get to -4, tied with Willett and An.

There are 79 players on the course at the moment; 31 are over par, 28 are under par, 20 are level par. Considering the conditions, anything under par looks to be a solid score right now.

21:00 - DeChambeau gets to -7!

He now leads by three and it's time to consider that DeChambeau really could win the US Masters. He's second favourite behind only Scheffler at 19/4.

Of course there's a long way to go, but anyone getting into the low teens on Sunday evening will be hard done by not winning, and DeChambeau's already halfway there.

He's made birdies on 12, 13, 15, 16 and now a long one on 17.

20:55 - Tiger Woods underway

It's a slinging cut off the tee with 3-wood and he finds the first fairway.

The weather delay certainly hasn't done Woods any favours; he could've done with getting done early today, resting up, undergoing his substantial recovery process before going out late on Friday. As it's happened, he'll finish in the dark today and be out first thing tomorrow to play what will likely be more than 20 holes.

The wind is really picking up now and it's going to make birdies harder to come by. Players will be increasingly reliant on short games to keep the big numbers off their cards.

One player having little trouble is Viktor Hovland. Right up there with the best in the world towards the end of last season, the Norwegian switched coaches and has since struggled with his normally laser-sharp irons and the old short-game woes have returned, but he's been solid today, getting to -3 with a birdie on 8.

20:30 - Struggles for Schauffele and Matsuyama

Few golfers were as well backed as Hideki Matsuyama this week. The 2021 champion won the Signature Genesis Invitational earlier in the year and followed with T12-T6 and the Arnold Palmer and THE PLAYERS before a T7 at last week's Valero Texas Open.

Despite his form and course history, Matsuyama has laboured through his outward nine, going out two-over-par with no birdies.

Xander Schauffele, one of the best major players in the world, has also struggled, with two bogeys thru seven.

20:20 - Bogey for Fox

That is one almighty chunk from the leader. Ryan Fox has 75 yards to the hole and doesn't even carry the creek, seeing his ball limply topple into the hazard. A shot a mid-handicapper would be annoyed by and it's cost the New Zealander the outright lead, which he now shares with DeChambeau.

Elsewhere, Danny Willett makes back-to-back birdies to get to -3.

He's not played any golf for six months owing to a shoulder operation and was supposed to be out for another 12 months, but is using the Masters as a test (alright for some...) before taking another two months off to recuperate. Since his win, Willett has missed five out of seven cuts at the Masters, but when he has made the weekend, he's finished T25 and T12.

Back on 8, Rahm gets up and down for his birdie to get to -2, as does playing partner Fitzpatrick

20:05 - Scheffler, Zalatoris, Smith -2

Scheffler misses his first green of the day, finding the bunker shy of the 7th green, only to launch one in the air and drop it a foot from the hole. And that's one of the things that makes him so good; even on the rare occasions he misses the green, he's got one of the best short games in the world.

You can't guarantee anyone winning a golf tournament - even Scheffler - but it's hard to see him not contending this week.

Zalatoris, who's finished second and T6 in his only two Masters appearances, gets to -2 having missed last year through injury, while Cam Smith makes his second birdie of the day to join Zalatoris and Scheffler on -2.

19:50 - Scheffler makes birdie; DeChambeau one back

If you ask any golfer if they can play Amen Corner in two-under-par this week, they'll take it, and Bryson DeChambeau's done just that, making par at 11, birdie at 12 and birdie at 13. He's now one behind leader Ryan Fox.

Scottie Scheffler makes a nice birdie on six and without doing anything particularly impressive, he finds himself -2. Rory McIlroy said that good golf at Augusta feels like boring golf and there's no one better in the world than Scheffler at that. Find greens, limit mistakes, make the odd putt and you'll find yourself up there. He's 3/1 with DeChambeau second favourite at 12/1.

-5 Fox
-4 DeChambeau
-3 An
-2 Van Rooyen, Conners, Scheffler

19:20 - Another McIlroy bogey

Finding the bunker off the tee on the par-3 4th, McIlroy splashes out to eight feet but misses his par putt and is over par once again.

Meanwhile Nick Dunlap in one of the day's featured groups is having a torrid time, struggling with a big miss left off the tee and making double bogey on 6 to drop to +3.

19:10 - Birdie chance for Scheffler...

Scheffler comes just short of the almost-drivable par-4 third, bumping a chip into the bank and leaving himself a four-footer for back-to-back birdies... and misses! Not the newer version of Scheffler we're used to.

McIlroy runs a pitch six feet past the hole... but makes the birdie putt, getting the shot back he dropped on 2.

18:55 - Ryan Fox the new leader

What a first nine this has been from Ryan Fox - birdies on 1, 2 and 3 and now an eagle on 8 to lead Van Rooyen by one and the rest by two.

Back on 3, Rahm gets his first birdie of the day to join 10 other players on -1.

18:50 - Scheffler off the mark; messy bogey from McIlroy

A textbook par-5 from Scheffler, whose drive came just short of the fairway bunker, finding the front edge with his approach, chipping to around eight feet and holing the birdie putt.

McIlroy meanwhile is all over the place. A drive right into the trees forced a punch out down the hill. But with 100 yards left, McIlroy flies the green then misses his six-foot par putt.

18:30 - Par start for McIlroy

A perfect drive, a nice wedge to 10 feet... and a poor birdie attempt from McIlroy. Low all the way and never troubled the hole.

Partner Scheffler sent a huge drive over the fairway bunker but a disappointing wedge means the 2022 champion walks off the first with an opening par as they head to the course's first real scoring opportunity. The third man in the group Schauffele however makes bogey after uncharacteristically three-putting from 30 feet.

Elsewhere we're seeing lots of birdies at the lengthened second hole, with Fitzpatrick, Zalatoris, Thomas, Finau, Straka and more carding fours there.

The lead is still -3, shared between four players.

18:25 - Early starters all on course

The marquee grouping of Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler and Xander Schauffele are on the course, joining the likes of Justin Thomas, Will Zalatoris, Hideki Matsuyama, before the final group of the first wave head out, comprised of Wyndham Clark, Viktor Hovland and Cameron Smith.

After a bomb off the tee, McIlroy cosies a wedge towards the hole and he'll have a nice look at birdie.

Five players currently share the lead on -3: Van Rooyen, Willett, Lamprecht, DeChambeau and Fox.

18:00 - Defending champion Jon Rahm underway

Nick Dunlap, who actually earned his invitation by winning the US Amateur, before winning on the PGA TOUR and turning professional shortly afterwards, pulls his first drive at Augusta left into the trees.

Matt Fitzpatrick is a little further on but also left and needs to pitch out, while Rahm is safely in the fairway.

17:40 - Four players at -3

Say it quietly but Augusta is looking quite scorable at the moment. The forecasted 40mph gusts haven't arrived, there's no rain but the course looks soft.

Byeong-hun An has followed DeChambeau in birdieing his first three holes to join the leaders.

Elsewhere, Phil Mickelson is on the course but bogeyed the opening hole, while Sergio Garcia and Tony Finau are both underway and -1.

Van Rooyen -3 (9)
DeChambeau -3 (5)
Fox -3 (4)
An -3 (3)

17:10 - DeChambeau gets to -3

What a start from the former US Open champion - he's birdied the first three holes to take the solo lead and is now 16/1.

Erik van Rooyen is one back on -2, with six players - including former Masters champion Danny Willett who got to -2 himself before giving one back.

16:35 - Four players under par

The early starters are out and four are currently tied at the top on -1 - Erik van Rooyen, Taylor Moore, Danny Willett and Bryson DeChambeau.

DeChambeau, after his speed training gave him enormous length off the tee, infamously claimed that Augusta essentially played as a par-67 for him. His words spectacularly backfired of course, and he's not cracked the top 30 in his last four visits to Augusta.

But his form on the LIV tour has been good so far this season, finishing T9-4-T6-T7 and has been backed for a career-best showing at the Masters.

16:15 - Updated Augusta weather forecast

Play is underway and while Augusta looks very windy, the rain - at least any rain that could impact proceedings - looks to be holding off, and all being well they'll play until dark.

It will likely mean everyone will play their first nines with some only getting as far as Amen Corner. Thoughts with anyone whose first shot of Friday morning will be on 12 tee...

15:30 - The 88th Masters Tournament is underway!

Going out as a two are Erik van Rooyen and Jake Knapp in the first group.

Van Rooyen finds the rough, Knapp effortlessly finds the fairway.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 88th Masters Tournament is underway.

15:00 - Play to begin at 15:30

Well, what could've been a lengthy weather delay may only be two-and-a-half hours, with the starters now due to go out at 15:30, pushing the rest of the tee times back two-and-a-half hours, which will unfortunately mean the late starters won't all get their first rounds completed today.

11:30 - Weather to delay round one

Augusta National have confirmed the first round won't start any earlier than 2pm BST, meaning the tournament is delayed by at least an hour.

There is strong winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms on the way, and it's the latter that will cause the most issues. If there's any electrical activity in the air, play will be stopped. It's hoped by 4pm BST that any danger of thunder will have passed, and then it's about weather the course is playable following the deluge of rain, or whether the organisers think current conditions are unplayable.

It means round one won't be completed until Friday, and that the opening round - however much is played - will be contested in severely trying conditions.

We'll have more updates here as soon as they're available.

Mike Glasscott's US Masters tips

The PGA TOUR's Mike Glasscott has picked out two players to win, two players for the top 10 and two players for the top 20, and includes three past champions...

You can read his tips here

Steve Palmer's US Masters tips

The Racing Post's Steve Palmer has had his say ahead of the US Masters and likes 2022 champion Scottie Scheffler to go well this week, as well as a 33/1 and 40/1 each-way shot with a couple more backed for top-20 finishes.

Read Steve Palmer's US Masters tips here

"He'll get it done" - Tiger Woods

For as long as Rory McIlroy is a competitive golfer without winning the Masters, the question will pop as to whether or not he'll succeed at Augusta.

Tiger Woods, five-time winner, insists he will. Speaking in his pre-tournament press conference, Woods said: “No question he’ll do it at some point. Rory is too talented. He’ll get it done, it’s just a matter of when. Rory will be a great Masters champion one day and it could be this week. You never know. The talent he has and the way he plays the game and the way the golf course fits his eye, it’s just a matter of time.”

Of course, it doesn't matter how good you are, wins at Augusta aren't just handed out, and some of the game's greats never won the Masters. Lee Trevino is perhaps the best player who never won it; Greg Norman came as close as humanly possible without winning, while Ernie Els - winner of four majors - came top-six in five straight years but never won.

We've looked back on Rory McIlroy's record at the Masters here

Augusta weather

Although tee times will be confirmed later today, it's looking likely they'll be rejigged on Thursday with miserable weather forecast to get the tournament underway.

Heavy rain, strong winds and a thunderstorm are expected on Thursday morning, and if the forecast is correct, play will likely be suspended or delayed. There's plenty of wind forecast on Thursday (with enough on Friday for it to be a factor), but who will the weather benefit?

The early starters on Thursday may get the better conditions on Friday, while the late starters might not finish and have to play more than 18 holes in sub-optimal conditions. Alternatively, the later starters might avoid the worst weather.

Luckily, the weekend looks drier and warmer, and there shouldn't be any groups playing 30 holes on Sunday like last year...

Round 1 and 2 tee times

We know last year's Masters champion and US Amateur champion will play together for the first two rounds, as is tradition.

But beyond Jon Rahm and Nick Dunlap, we're left waiting until around 5pm today to find out when and with whom the remainder of the 89-man field will play.

We'll have tee times here as soon as they're confirmed.

Rory McIlroy best-backed player

Gone are the days when Rory McIlroy goes off at a single-figure price for the Masters. Despite stringing together five top-10s at Augusta, the years have rolled by with McIlroy not winning, failing to complete the career Grand Slam.

It has not, however, put punters off backing the Northern Irishman.

Scottie Scheffler is without question the world's best golfer right now - and by some distance - and has been the third-best-backed player, but the ever-popular McIlroy has taken the most bets so far, with major-hunter Brooks Koepka the second-most popular.

In-form Hideki Matsuyama, the 2021 champion, has been excellent this year and is fourth on the list, while out-of-form Viktor Hovland - as big as 30/1 - is fifth.

US Masters how to watch and TV channel

Sky Sports have exclusive coverage of the US Masters and will broadcast all four rounds live.

Early coverage will include Live From The Masters beginning at 2pm on Tuesday on Sky Sports Golf and Wednesday on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Golf featuring player press conferences and previews of the tournament.

The Par-3 Contest will be shown on Sky Sports Golf from 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Featured Groups will be shown from 2pm on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Golf when the action gets underway on Thursday, with holes 4, 5 and 6, Amen Corner and holes 15 and 16 shown on the Red Button, while Amen Corner will be streamed live on their YouTube channel in full across the first three days and four two hours on Sunday.

Full coverage will begin on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Golf at 7.30pm on Thursday and Friday.

After the cut is made, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Golf will show build-up on Saturday from 3pm, with featured groups and selected holes being shown on the Red Button before full coverage starts at 7.30pm.

Coverage of the final round will begin on Sunday at 6.30pm on Sky Sports Golf and 7pm on Sky Sports Main Event.

US Masters field

89 players will tee it up at Augusta this year, including Tiger Woods who will hope to have a less strenuous outing than last time, when he was forced to withdraw through injury following a torrential downpour.

You can see the full field here

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