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Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington: Fight Night LIVE as Wood retains world title with sensational seventh round stoppage

Live betting updates from Sheffield as Leigh Wood puts his WBA featherweight title on the line against two-time world champion Josh Warrington in a mammoth domestic dust-up.

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington: Fight Night LIVE - Blog
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Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington: Rob Tebbutt's Tips
Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington: Industry Predictions
Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington: Tale of the Tape
Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington: All You Need To Know

Last night's boxing results:


Leigh Wood beat Josh Warrington (TKO - R7)
Terri Harper v Cecilia Braekhus (MD - Draw)
Kieron Conway beats Linus Udofia (TKO - R6)
Hopey Price beat Connor Coghill (TKO - R12)
Junaid Bostan beat Corey McCulloch (TKO - R7)

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Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington
Live Blog

Wood retains his WBA title

Tears for Warrington and ecstasy for Wood!

Honestly, this man!

How on earth did he dig that out? He was being battered round after round - his eye was cut, he looked void of any confidence and energy.

Yet, still, he produces that!

Four devastating shots, left, right, left, right, and Warrington is beaten. He got to his feet, but he was gone - the referee had no choice other than to call a halt to the contest right at the end of the seventh round.

What a night for the Nottingham faithful!

Truly incredible stuff.

Wood v Warrington - Round 7

A point is deducted from Warrington for continued shots to the back of Leigh Wood's head.

It didn't quite give the Nottingham man the lift he needed though as Warrington quickly reasserted control of the fight.

Wood needs to show far more urgency; he looks as though it is an effort to even let shots go - he looks laboured in there, which will be a real cause for concern for those of a Nottingham pursuasion.

Wood has got to time a couple of big shots if he is going to allow Warrington to fight totally on the front foot. Nothing of note is landing from him at all.

Just as I say that, Wood produces the shot of a lifetime and he catches Warrington cold!! Wow - the fight is over! 

He fails to beat the 10 count, and that is absolutely incredible.

What a punch; what a fight; what a night!

Wood v Warrington - Round 6 

Great variation on the front foot and back foot from Josh Warrington, and this has been a supremely composed performance from the former champion, who is picking shots at will.

Wood is really looking tired in there as he struggles to keep a lid on a ferocious and relentless Josh Warrington.

Any questions of whether the Leeds man was past his sell-by date are being emphatically answered here. Truly superb work from him.

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Wood v Warrington - Round 5

Wood moves back to a more tried and test orthodox stance, but he is wounded and bleeding - above his eye.

A cause for concern, and a target for Warrington, surely!

Wood is starting to feel the pace here and Warrington is riding the crest of a wave - he is well on top, and is now 4/5 to get the win by stoppage.

Wood v Warrington - Round 4

Leigh Wood really needs to tidy up and re-focus because Josh Warrington is well on top through four rounds.

He is planting his feet and landing some cracking shots, which are starting to make dents in the face of the Nottingham fighter.

Wood is leaving his chin far too exposed and trainer Ben Davison will surely be telling him to smarten up his defensive work!

Wood v Warrington - Round 3

What a round from Josh Warrington - who snaps the head of Leigh Wood back on at least four or five occasions.

He really took the bull by the horns in the third round to cement his authority on the bout - so much so that he is now the odds-on favourite to become a three-time world champion.

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Wood v Warrington - Round 2

Wood continues to fight behind a surprising southpaw stance, jabbing well, but it's Warrington who was once again the aggressor.

He is almost stalking his prey around the ring, looking for any opportunity to get to his man.

Wood is controlling the distance very well though, keeping Warrington on the edge of his long jab.

Leigh Wood is 4/7 to prevail and Josh Warrington is currently the outsider at 15/8.

Wood v Warrington - Round 1

Two working class heroes from two sporting cities get this bout off to a flyer.

The pair traded blows almost immediately as they stuck to their pre-fight vows of an absolute tear-up!

Leigh Wood put himself in harms way by trading early doors, allowing Josh Warrington to land early on, but the Nottingham man settled down and had some success of his own.

What a start to what promises to be an enthralling 36 minutes or so.

It's time for the ring walks...

Sweet Caroline, the Neil Diamond classic, echoes around the Sheffield Arena, and the main event is edging nearer...

Josh Warrington is set to make his entrance to the ring, shortly followed by Leigh Wood.

This is going to be a cracker!

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Total Knockdowns:
1 or More Knockdowns in the Fight
Was 1/1 >> Now 7/5

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Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Leigh Wood
Leigh Wood To Score a Knockdown - Yes
Over 6.5 Rounds
Was 11/4 >> Now 3/1

Fight Outcome (5 Way):
Leigh Wood By KO, TKO or Disqualification
Was 12/5 >> Now 13/5

Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Josh Warrington
Josh Warrington To Score a Knockdown - Yes
Under 9.5 Rounds
Was 14/1 >> Now 16/1

Round Group Betting (1):
Josh Warrington By Decision or Technical Decision
Was 10/3 >> Now 7/2

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Up Next...

Here we go then... the one we have ALL been waiting for!

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington - a fight for the ages - a fight with more than world titles at stake.

It's Nottingham versus Leeds - but who will prevail?

Check out the latest odds

We have a majority draw...

The judges score the bout:

97-93 - Harper

Wow, I am flabbergasted - I don't know how two of the judges scored that as a draw.

I am shocked!

Still, Harper retains her title - but there will be disappointment that she wasn't able to add the vacant WBO strap to her collection.

Harper v Braekhus - Round 10

Harper has been sharp and impressive in the final round and denied Braekhus of the big shot that she surely needed.

Surely, the Sheffield star is soon to become a unified light-middleweight world chmpion.

We await the judges' scorecards...

Harper v Braekhus - Round 9

Two of the btter punches thrown by Braekhus land in the ninth round, but far more of her shots were wayward than on target.

Harper working well, moving her opponent around the ring, but the Norwegian knows she needs the stoppage and she is looking for that heavy blow.

Will she get it?

Well, she's priced at 80/1 to win this fight by KO or TKO in the final round.

Harper v Braekhus - Round 8

A bit of late success in the eighth for Braekhus, but nothing that will have Harper too concerned.

A couple of little lapses in concentration from the Sheffield favourite, who is well on top, and on course to retain her world title.

Harper v Braekhus - Round 7

Harper allowing Braekhus in a little more than she needs to, especially during the exchanges, but she is still boxing well.

No real bad intentions from her in terms of power, but technically, far superior.

Braekhus is going to need a stoppage to get the win here as she isn't doing anywhere near as much as her English opponent.

Harper v Braekhus - Round 6

Harper is navigating the ring really well and starting to dominate proceedings, without ever looking like stopping her experienced opponent.

The Sheffield champion is managing to find a lot of safe space, which is a very smart way to fight.

Landing shots and then smothering. She's doing enough to win the majority of these rounds - this is very calculated work.

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Harper v Braekhus - Round 5

Harper's speed is starting to tell as she abides by Steffy Bull's commands for her to speed up her work.

A better round for the Sheffield fighter who landed regularly during the two-minutes.

There maybe isn't quite as big a gap as we envisaged pre-fight and one or two rounds in the favour of Braekhus would make this very interesting. 

Harper v Braekhus - Round 4

Harper is being urged to be a little quicker in her work by her team in the corner, and they are right.

She is maybe being a little hesitant in her work, allowing Braekhus opporutnities to take the centre of the ring and establish some authority.

The Norwegian carries greater power but Harper is without doubt the sharper and more technically astute fighter.

Harper v Braekhus - Round 3

Harper is being the smarter and the more controlled of the two, landing a far higher percentage of her shots - 37% to 19%.

None have carried any real power however, and whilst Harper is the aggressor, Braekhus looks very comfortable in there too.

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Harper v Braekhus - Round 2

A decent enough round for Harper who tries to stalk her opponent down, using her intelligent footwork to try and tire her 42-year-old opponent.

Not too many blows of note were landed, but I expect that to change over the coming rounds as the two find their rhythym.

Harper v Braekhus - Round 1

Cecilia Braekhus without doubt the naturally bigger woman in there, but Harper looking to use her youth and speed to good effect.

Not much to report in the first round with the two taking the couple of minutes ring time to size each other up.

Harper 7/1 to win the bout by KO, TKO or Disqualification.

Terri Harper v Cecilia Braekhus Bet Boosts >>

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Round Group Betting (4):
Terri Harper to win in Rounds 7 - 8
Was 20/1 >> Now 22/1

Fight Outcome (5 Way):
Terri Harper by KO, TKO or Disqualification
Was 7/1 >> Now 8/1

Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Cecilia Braekhus
Over 8.5 Rounds
Was 13/2 >> Now 15/2

Up Next...

We're expecting Sheffield to shake upon the arrival of home city hero Terri Harper, as she makes her long-awaited in-ring return against Ceclila Braekhus.

Harper will be putting her WBA & WBO light-middleweight straps on the line, and she's 1/6 to retain her titles with Braekhus 4/1 to break Harper's heart.

Conway v Udofia - Round 6

It's over - the referee has stopped the bout on the doctor's advice just two secons into the sixth round!

The damage is obvious to Udofia, and Conway celebrates a superb victory!

A tremendous night's work for the Northampton man - and heartbreak for Udofia.

Conway v Udofia - Round 5

Conway lands a huge left to the right eye of Udofia, and it looks a right mess. The swelling has come up immediately and that's going to cause the Luton man no end of problems.

It will be interesting to see how Udofia responds to that!

The doctor is taking a look at the damage - his vision is totally impaired. 

Conway v Udofia - Round 4

Again, Conway landing the better punches and fighting on the front foot.

He is fighting exceptionally well this evening and will take huge heart from the way he is handling Udofia.

Conway v Udofia - Round 3

Conway with the better scoring punches in the third round, especially during the final minute or so.

The Northampton fighter landed a heavy barrage of shots which will have given him plenty of confidence as we head into the fourth.

Very little between the two in the ring, but it's Udofia who remains the narrow odds-on favourite.

Conway v Udofia - Round 2

Another relatively cagey round with the two still taking time to figure each other out.

Some good educated pressure from Conway though, although Udofia looks calm and relaxed in there. He probably started to settle in a tad more as the round wore on, and you have to expect him to up things now from this point forward.

Conway v Udofia - Round 1

Well, first thing first, Conway looks a weight-level or two above Udofia in there - he is a big, big lad!

The Northampton man has started well too, taking the centre of the ring and looking to bully his opponent early doors.

Neither fighter willing to show too much, but it was certainly Conway, the 11/8 underdog, who was looking to stamp his authority by getting on the front foot.

Kieron Conway v Linus Udofia Bet Boosts >>

Bet Boost

Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Linus Udofia
Under 10.5 Rounds
Was 5/1 >> Now 11/2

Round Group Betting (4):
Kieron Conway to win in Rounds 7 - 12
Was 14/1 >> Now 16/1

Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Kieron Conway
Over 10.5 Rounds 
Was 13/8 >> Now 7/4

Up Next...

Coming next, Kieron Conway versus Linus Udofia in a cracking middleweight showdown.

Conway is the ever so slight 6/5 underdog with Udofia the pre-fight betting favourite at 4/6.

Price v Coghill - Round 12

Price gets the stoppage he craves midway through the 12th round, putting Coghill down for a third and fourth time.

Pedigree eventually shone through, and credit to Price for turning things around after such a disappointing start.

The Leeds man upped the ante significantly to come through what was without a coming of age fight for him.

The constant barrage of shots had Coghill's senses in a spin, and the referee was correct in waving that off.

What a fight!

Price v Coghill - Round 11

Another tremendous knockdown from Price who is in full control now - Coghill staggers back to his seat after being floored late on in the round.

The Hull fighter has nothing left, and surely, despite heading into the final round, Price smells blood and will want that stoppage.

Tremendous speed and accuracy from Price - who has, in fairness, been the classier operator throughout.

Price v Coghill - Round 10

Another round where there was little between them, but you sense that Coghill needs the final two rounds if he is to have any chance of upstaging Price.

Coghill looked spent at times in that round, but then came back firing later in the round.

Every round has been competitive and this has been a real good watch

Price v Coghill - Round 9

Price continuing to put his foot on the gas and look the busier of the two, with Coghill knowing he is going to have to land a few heavier blows to trouble his opponent.

He is just starting to lose a bit of confidence in there, and missing a few more shots, and leaving himself exposed.

Price v Coghill - Round 8

A good controlled round from Price who is looking to take a real foothold of the bout as we enter the final few rounds.

Coghill is a smart operator, he doesn't take any of the bait that is being offered to him by Price.

The problem he has now is that he likely needs a knockdown of his own if he is to have any chance of winning this one.

View the latest odds

Price v Coghill - Round 7

A good, stable round for Coghill and just what he needed after the disappointment of being dropped in the sixth.

He needed to come through the round unscathed, and Steffy Bull is urging his man not to be scared of using his feet to set up those shots.

Hopey Price is the big 1/12 favourite after turning things around over the last six minutes.

Price v Coghill - Round 6

Wow, Coghill enjoyed the better of the round - that was until Price landed the best shot of the fight to send the Hull man packing down to the canvas.

He walks him on two two shots, moves well and lands a thunderous strike to the jaw which floored him.

The bell saved Coghill there, and denied Price any time to follow up what was without doubt the best moment of the bout for any of the fighters.

Price v Coghill - Round 5

Price enjoys a little more success in the fifth round, but Coghill still looked the more dangerous of the two fighters - landing some telling hooks to the head and body of his opponent.

Betting wise, we are as close as we have been at any point pre-fight or In-Play with Price at 8/15 and Coghill 7/4.

Price v Coghill - Round 4

Coghill is doing the simple things exceptionally well, and is catching Price almost at ease, which is terribly concerning for him and his team.

He at least managed to land a couple of overhook lefts, which put Coghill on the back foot temporarily, but, again, the more telling shots came from the Hull man.

Price needs to start landing a couple more of those big scoring shots.

Price v Coghill - Round 3

It's worth remembering that this is the first time that Price has taken on a southpaw, and those backhand shots are really troubling the pre-fight favourite.

He just can't get his distance right - and Coghill smells blood!

Another positive three minutes for the Hull fighter, who is growing with confidence with each passing minute.

View the latest In-Play odds

Price v Coghill - Round 2

Wow, Coghill wobbles the legs of Price with a stunning shot.

Price has never been in trouble in any of his previuous fights, but my word, he felt that and hung on for dear life to see the round out.

What a round that was for the man from Hull, who has come in from 25/1 to 4/1 in the space of a few minutes.

Price v Coghill - Round 1

A good start to proceedings for Price, who looks by far the more classier operator of the two.

A few nice body shots land, as does a cracking hook to the jaw - not enough to wobble the Humberside man, but one that will have tested his jaw,

A good opening round.

Hopey Price v Connor Coghill Bet Boosts >>

Bet Boost

We've BOOSTED the prices on a couple of markets ahead of the next fight...

Round Betting:
Hopey Price to win in Round 6
Was 10/1 >> Now 11/1

Round Group Betting (4):
Hopey Price to win in Rounds 7 - 12
Was 8/5 >> Now 7/4

Up Next...

So, up next, Hopey Price takes on Connor Coghill in a British featherweight title eliminator - and it promises to be a cracker.

The Battle of Yorkshire... but who will prevail?

Price at 1/16 looks the strong favourite but Coghill will be desperate to tear up the script and inflict a first professional defeat upon his opponent.

View the latest fight odds

Bostan v McCulloch - Round 6

It's all over in the sixth as Bostan lands a barrage of heavy blows to the skull of McCulloch, and the referee waves the fight off.

Grant Smith asked his fighter to up the ante in that round and my word he did just that.

A nine or 10 punch combination pinned the Scotsman on to the ropes, and with very little coming back, the official had no option other than to wave the bout off.

Another impressive stoppage win for the supremely talented youngster.

Bostan v McCulloch - Round 5

Some better work from McCulloch in the fifth but absolutely nothing to seriously trouble his more inexperienced opponent.

Bostan looks to be feeling the pace a little bit in there, and for all of his qualities, he is going to have to learn to compose himself at times.

There are marks on his cheekbones, which won't please his team - given the way he left himself open to those shots.

Bostan v McCulloch - Round 4

A few lessons to be learned in the fourth as Bostan gets too far ahead of himself, and becomes a little complacent.

He keeps dabbing away at his left eye too, which is a slight concern for him.

Still, he is 1/500 to win this - it is just down to how he goes on to win it.

Bostan v McCulloch - Round 3

Another impressive round for Bostan who is well on top and looking good in the ring.

He is maybe rushing things a tad too much, and Grant Smith, his trainer, is telling him to be a little more composed with his work.

McCulloch has no answer to any of the questions being posed to him.

Bostan v McCulloch - Round 2

Another solid round in the bag for the unbeaten Bostan, who has stopped five of his six previous opponents.

Will he make it six from seven?

He's 1/4 to get the stoppage.

Bostan v McCulloch - Round 1

Bostan showing he is levels above his opponent through the first three minutes.

The youngster looks so quick on his feet, and utilises the jab so, so well. He really does look the real deal.

A little raw at times, but a very talented fighter.

Up Next...

So, the first televised bout of the evening will see Junaid Bostan and Corey McCulloch clash in a super-welterweight showdown, getting underway shortly after 19:00.

Bostan is the huge 1/25 favourite with McCulloch priced up at 12/1.

View all the latest markets and odds for the bout

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington Super Boost >>>

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington Build-Up

Hello and welcome to the bet365 Sports & Betting News site for live coverage of this evening's enthralling fight card, being streamed live on DAZN.

Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington will put it all on the line in what promises to be one of the most exciting and pulsating domestic dust-ups in recent times.

Nottingham favourite Wood will be bidding to retain his prized WBA featherweight title whilst Warrington, who will be backed by a strong Leeds contingent, is hoping to become a three-time world champion.

We're here all the way through until midnight, covering the headline bout and the live-televised undercard - bringing you the latest odds on all of the action.

Check out the latest odds ahead of the action.

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington
Bet Boosts >>

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Total Knockdowns:
1 or More Knockdowns in the Fight
Was 1/1 >> Now 7/5

Bet Boosts >>

Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Leigh Wood
Leigh Wood To Score a Knockdown - Yes
Over 6.5 Rounds
Was 11/4 >> Now 3/1

Fight Outcome (5 Way):
Leigh Wood By KO, TJO or Disqualification
Was 12/5 >> Now 13/5

Bet Builder:
Fight Result: Josh Warrington
Josh Warrington To Score a Knockdown - Yes
Under 9.5 Rounds
Was 14/1 >> Now 16/1

Round Group Betting (1):
Josh Warrington By Decision or Technical Decision
Was 10/3 >> Now 7/2

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Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington
Rob Tebbutt's Tips


Fight To Go The Distance (Yes) @ 4/9 
Neither Fighter To Score A Knockdown @ 5/6 
Josh Warrington by Decision/Technical Decision @ 4/1 

Read Rob Tebbutt's exclusive thoughts ahead of the main event as he reveals where he feels the betting value on Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington can be found.

View all Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington odds 

Odds displayed within this article were correct at the time of writing and are subject to fluctuation.

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington
Industry Predictions

We gauge the pre-fight opinions of some of the biggest names in boxing as Leigh Wood puts his WBA featherweight title on the line against two-time world champion Josh Warrington in one of the most hotly-anticipated all-British showdowns in recent years.

Hear the thoughts of the likes of Ricky Hatton, Sunny Edwards and Joe Cordina in the video below.

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington
Tale of the Tape


John MacDonald analyses the credentials of two of Britain's finest featherweights as Leigh Wood gets set to defend his prized WBA strap against Josh Warrington in an enthralling showdown in Sheffield.

 Leigh WoodJosh Warrington
Nickname:Leigh-thalThe Leeds Warrior
Height:5ft 7ins5ft 7ins
Trainer:Ben DavisonSean O'Hagan
Record:27-3 (16 KOs)31-2-1 (8 KOs)
Titles:WBA featherweight championFormer IBF featherweight champion
Last Fight:W (UD) v Mauricio Lara (May 2023)L (UD) v Luis Alberto Lopez (December 2022)

Read the Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington - Tale of the Tape article

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington
All You Need To Know


Everything you need to know ahead of Saturday evening's headline bout including ring walk times, fighter profiles, undercard details and television listings.

Leigh Wood v Josh Warrington All You Need To Know

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