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Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Fight Night Live as CBS retains WBO cruiserweight title in dramatic fashion

Live betting updates from the Bournemouth International Centre as Chris Billam-Smith puts his WBO cruiserweight title on the line for the first time against Poland's vastly experienced Mateusz Masternak.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Live Updates 
Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Fight Card & Results 
Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Rob Tebbutt's Tips 
Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Bet Boosts >> 
Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Tale of the Tape 
Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: All You Need To Know 

All odds displayed on this page were correct at the time of writing and are subject to withdrawal or change at any time.

Sunday's boxing results:

Chris Billam-Smith beat Mateusz Masternak (RT)
Ben Whittaker beat Stiven Dredhaj (KO)
Lauren Price beat Silvia Bortot (UD)
Lee Cutler beat Kingsley Egbunike (UD)

Fight Night Live - Updates

Chris Billam-Smith retains his WBO cruiserweight title

Wow, just as the eighth round was about to start Masternak was unable to get back up off his stool - pointing to his ribs.

That heavy artillery to the body during the final minute of the seventh round has proven vital, and my word, what a turn up for the books!

Billam-Smith appeared to be in all sorts of trouble there, but that relentless work to the rib cage of the Polish fighter has secured him the victory he craved.

The Bournemouth man retains his title in the most dramatic circumstances.

The crowd go wild, and rightly so! What a 12 months it's been for their local hero.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 7

Not perfect, but a better round for Billam-Smith, who, at long last, could be getting a foothold on proceedings.

He definitely ended the round far stronger, and my word, he needed that!

He needs to keep working on the inside in the same way he did over that final minute.

Masternak is surely starting to tire, and will begin to hold his feet. CBS has to take advantage of that.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 6

Masternak may be the older fighter in there, but he's using all of that experience to really unsettle the champion.

Another relentless round for the Polish fighter, who is bamboozling CBS with his tenacious approach - Billam-Smith needs to counter far better than he is.

He's way behind on my card... 

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 5

Masternak continuing to use all of his experience and heart here as he really steps his foot on the gas.

Billam-Smith is moving forward, but struggling to find any avenues through to the jaw of the rugged Pole.

There's no doubt that Masternak is ahead on the cards here, and if you fancy him to maintain his early charge, and get the win by decision, then he's priced at 7/2 to do just that.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 4

The left eye of Billam-Smith is swelling up - remember, that's the same eye that was cut against Lawrence Okolie earlier this year.

CBS has been too easy to hit this round, and the champion has got to find something to stem the flow of this fight.

His head movement has stopped and Masternak can feel and sense something special here.

Shane McGuigan will have to work his magic in the corner.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 3

What a belting round!

Both fighters landing huge shots - CBS rocks Masternak in the final 30 seconds, after the Bournemouth favourite was rattled himself by a combination of punches from the Pole.

Billam-Smith needs to keep the fight at his range, and utilise that longer jab of his to a greater extent.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 2

Billam-Smith going hard and early, as he fights fire with fire against the tough and durable Masternak.

CBS clearly wants to put a dent in his opponent and is fighting with real conviction, but he has to be careful not to walk on anything from Masternak.

He's landing well and landing hard, but he has got to be careful as the challenger is having success of his own.

That will be the message coming from Shane McGuigan in his corner too.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - Round 1

A really fast-paced start to proceedings in the main event, as Billam-Smith lands a couple of solid jabs, but also swallows up one from Masternak too.

You get the feeling that things are going to heat up really quickly in this one.

There's a partisan home crowd inside the arena cheering their local hero on, but there's also a very healthy scattering of Poles too, getting right behind Masternak.

CBS will be pleased with his start, but he knows he's going to be in a real scrap this evening.

Up Next...

Attentions now turn towards the main event for the main event, Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak.

Will it be the perfect homecoming for CBS, as he puts his WBO cruiserweight title on the line for the first time, or is Masternak about to spoil the party?

We will soon find out...

Ben Whittaker KO's Stiven Dredhaj in the fourth round

Wow, a lethal two-shot combination flattens Dredhaj less than a minute into the fourth round with a huge left, right.

What a way to end the show! This guy is special!!

The two fighters embrace in the middle of the ring - thankfully Dredhaj appears to be ok.

Ben Whittaker v Stiven Dredhaj - Round 3

Dredhaj drops to his knee after a barrage of blows, but manages to beat the 10 count, but, my word, there's a lot of blood stemming from the nose of the Albanian.

A little too much showboating at times in that round, maybe tarnishing his superb work over the three-minutes, but I expect him to get the job done in the fourth.

Ben Whittaker v Stiven Dredhaj - Round 2

A lovely slip and move before firing that vicious right hand, but a far more relaxed round for Whittaker in general.

Less of the showboating in there during the second round as Whittaker looked to assert his authority behind the jab.

Dredhaj not taken to the showboating too well, with the pair squaring off with each other at the end of the round, prompting the referee to step in and have a word.

Ben Whittaker v Stiven Dredhaj - Round 1

Showboating aplenty from Ben Whittaker as he breezes through the first round - finding his range early on and landing a number of decent shots to the chin of his Albanian opponent.

He will up the ante no doubt during the second round, but that was a typically impressive three-minute spell for the Birmingham man.

Ben Whittaker v Stiven Dredhaj Tips


Rob Tebbutt's Tips:

- Ben Whittaker Between Rounds 1 - 2 @ 5/6 
- Ben Whittaker Between Rounds 3 - 4 @ 5/2 

I'm excited to see the return of Ben Whittaker on the undercard this Sunday night, and for me, as ever, this fight all comes down to how quickly he wants to get the job done. 

I expect him to come out quickly and like the look of the 5/6 on offer for a stoppage in the first two rounds, but if you fancy him to showboat a little, which he may want to do having been out of action for a little while, then the 5/2 on offer for Rounds 3 - 4 also looks appealing.

Up Next...

Hold on to your hats, it's time for the Surgeon, Ben Whittaker.

The Birmingham man is regarded as one of the highest-regarded prospects on the planet, and he will be looking to deliver an early KO this evening.

He's been out of the ring for quite some time now, and has already signalled his intent on getting the job done in the first couple of rounds.

But, he's been prone to showboat in the ring too... so how long he wants the fight to last will be anyone's guess.

Lauren Price beats Silvia Borto by UD

Lauren Price, as expected, wins all eight rounds and is declared as the winner.

We know what she wants next year... a world title opportunity!

Surely, she is going to get her wish!

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 7

Another comfortable and controlled round for the Olympic gold medallist.

She's stuck to her game-plan to a tee, and never once allowed Borto the opportunity to cause any issues at all.

Price landed a cracking uppercut during the final 20 seconds as she looked for a late stoppage, but that was hugely impressive.

A UD victory incoming...

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 7

Borto's face starting to swell up now as those hard hits from Price begin to really take effect.

More great work over the two minute round for Price, as she continues to assert her dominance in the fight.

She's moved her feet ever so well, and has kept Bortot at the perfect distance.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 6

This is as comfortable as it gets for Price, as she takes full control of the fight.

She hasn't been caught at any point, or put in any danger.

Price doesn't seem to want to rush into anything, so I'd be surprised to see her go for the KO now - two more good rounds will suffice.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 5

More superb combination work from Price - she loves that left, right, one-two.

She has maybe been guilty of rushing her work in the past, but she's been very on-point and patient tonight.

She's transitioning ever so well into the professional game, and she's going to be a real danger to those bigger names in the division in the next 12 months.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 4

Those powerful and quick hands of Price snapping Bortot's head back at will.

You can sense the frustration on Bortot's face - she just can't get anything going; Price is too powerful and too slick.

Four rounds in and all four in favour of the British champion.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 3

Bortot took former world champion Mikaela Mayer the full distance last time out, and Price, without over-exerting herself - is really showing the vast difference in class here.

Bortot continues to hold her gloves high, but Price is working the body well, looking to prize an opening higher up.

Really comfortable stuff for Price at the minute.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 2

Bortot trying to be more aggressive and more on the front foot in the second round, but that will only play into the hands of Price.

The Welsh fighter controlling the distance superbly well with her lead hand.

Struggling to see how Bortot causes her any problems on what I've seen in the first couple of rounds.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot - Round 1

A nice, slick opening round from Lauren Price, who works her way into the fight in an incredibly polished and mature manner.

Silvia Bortot backs up every time she sees that back foot of Price's move forward - you can see her defence mechanisms kicking in already.

Price taking her time and picking her shots very well.

Lauren Price v Silvia Bortot Tips


Rob Tebbutt's Tips:

- Lauren Price By Decision or Technical Decision @ 2/7 

This Sunday's card also features Olympic Gold medallist Lauren Price, as she takes the next steps of her professional career against he game and experienced Silvia Bortot. 

Bortot took Mikaela Mayer all the way to a judges decision last time out, and I feel that this fight will go exactly the same way. 

It's priced up short at 2/7, but if you fancy the hard-hitting Price to get the stoppage - Bortot has only been stopped once in her career, a long time ago - then that is available at 10/3.

Up Next...

So, next up is the return of the Olympic gold medallist Lauren Price, as she takes on the experiences Silvia Bortot.

Price is being backed to become a world champion in 2024, and victory in this fight should propel her into contention to tackle the winner of the forthcoming showdown between Natasha Jonas and Mikaela Mayer.

Price should win this one, but it's how she wins it which is the big question...

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Lee Cutler wins by UD...

The judges score the bout:


All three in favour of the new British super-welterweight champion Lee Cutler.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 10

A cracking round to end a pulsating fight - what a dust-up that was, and surely Cutler, who is up on the ringpost, has won it.

He finished in a blaze of glory, wobbling the legs of Egbunike in the dying embers of the round.

The two fighters look exhausted - they have given their all, and what a fight that was.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 9

Again, a slightly lower tempo to the round than expected but Egbunike did, at least, land a flurry of good shots.

Cutler ended the round stronger though, landing the more eye-catching shots, and you sense it's those that are going to swing the fight in his favour.

The judges will be seeing that volume of work. Egbunike has to up the ante in the final three minutes to have any chance.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 8

A more laboured round there, and you sense both fighters took their foot off the gas as they look for a strong final two rounds.

Not too much action, but one or two shots landed for each of the fighters.

Egbunike definitely needs to let his hands go over the final six minutes - he certainly has the hand speed to turn things in his favour.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 7

More lovely combination work from Cutler as the two fighters throw everything at it in the seventh.

There has been a real intensity to this from the opening bell, and you sense that it isn't going to change over the forthcoming nine minutes.

Egbunike, for me, has got to start landing shots of more authority. Yes he's having success, but he's just being drowned out by the sheer volume of Cutler's work at present.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 6

Well, I said fireworks were expected in this one and my word these two fighters are delivering.

What a bout this is turning into!

Cutler taking advantage of Egbuneke's low left hand, and absolutely pummelling the body of his opponent - especially during the final minute of the round.

Egbunike was buzzed on the ropes, but he recovered well to see out the round.

I'm definitely scoring this in Cutler's favour.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 5

Another round in the favour of Cutler, who stands in close to Egbunike and lands a barrage of strikes to the head and body.

This is really good stuff from Cutler; very impressive work on the inside.

Again, Egbunike had his moments, but there's no doubt that the better work came from the Bournemouth fighter.

A cracking round of action.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 4

Cutler was asked by his corner men to get closer to Egbunike and work his body to a greater extent during before the start of the fourth round and he has adhered to their request.

The Bournemouth man snapped some lovely body shots to the ribs of his opponent, and some of those hits will have registered.

He is such a slick and quick operator, and seems to be sneaking into distance really effectively at the moment. 

Definitely Cutler's round.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 3

A better round for Egbunike, who lands a few snappy left hooks of his own.

He's giving himself more room now, and looking far busier with his work. Arguably, the better timing shots are coming from Cutler, but Egbunike's output is higher.

A really enjoyable round... and you get the feeling that sparks are really going to fly over the next 10/15 minutes.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 2

A more dominant round for Cutler, who slipped inside the jab on several occasions and landed some cracking counter punches.

It was far too predictable from Egbunike, who was trapped in the corner, biting down on his gumshield as some real heavy armoury landed flush on his jaw.

Cutler's dominance has seen him move into 1/4 in the 'Fight Winner' market.

Lee Cutler v Kingsley Egbunike - Round 1

Lee Cutler working the body well throughout the opening three minutes, but certainly didn't have it all his own way.

Kingsley Ogbunike working that sharp jab of his well too, and both camps will take heart from the first round.

A back and forth affair so far.

Up Next...

Here we go then... the first fight that we will be covering this evening - Lee Cutler v Obi Egbunike.

There's no doubt about it, this is a bout that could steal the entire show.

The British super-welterweight title is on the line, and both fighters have vowed to leave no stone unturned in their bids for victory.

Cutler will take to the ring as the 1/4 favourite, with Egbunike priced up as the 3/1 outsider.

Welcome to Fight Night Live

Hello and welcome to the bet365 Sports & Betting News site for live coverage of tonight's BOXXER fight card in Bournemouth.

We're guaranteed a party-like atmosphere on the south coast on the back of Bournemouth's Premier League success over Manchester United on Saturday, and now the spotlight falls upon one of their very own as Chris Billam-Smith makes the first defence of his world title back in his home city.

CBS dismantled Lawrence Okolie in a sensational display to capture the WBO strap in the spring, but he knows he is going to have to be at his best once more to overcome the game, and experienced, Mateusz Masternak.

The pair top the bill a the Bournemouth International Centre this evening, on a card that also includes the unbeaten Ben Whittaker and Olympic gold medallist Lauren Price.

We'll be covering all of the televised action live from 18:30, but before then why not check out all of our extensive pre-fight content below.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak Tips 
From Rob Tebbutt

Tebbutt's Tips:

Chris Billam-Smith By Decision or Technical Decision @ 21/20 
Chris Billam-Smith Between Rounds 7 - 12 @ 7/2

Our resident boxing expert Rob Tebbutt dissects Sunday night's WBO cruiserweight title showdown between Chris Billam-Smith and Mateusz Masternak and reveals where he feels the betting value can be found.

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak
Bet Boosts >>

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Fight Result: Chris Billam-Smith
Chris Billam-Smith - 200+ Punches Landed
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Mateusz Masternak - 500+ Punches Thrown
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Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak
Tale of the Tape

We analyse the credentials and statistics of WBO cruiserweight champion Chris Billam-Smith and Mateusz Masternak as the pair get set for their hotly-anticipated world title showdown.

 Chris Billam-SmithMateusz Masternak
Nickname:    'The Gentleman''Master'
Height:6ft 3ins6ft 0ins
Trainer:Shane McGuiganPiotr Wilczewski
Record:18-1 (12 KO's)47-5 (31 KO's)
Last Fight:Won - (MD) v Lawrence Okolie (May 2023)Won - (UD) v Jason Whateley (October 2022)

Read More: Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Tale of the Tape

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak
All You Need To Know 

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak Date 
The 12-round WBO cruiserweight world championship will take place on Sunday 10th December, 2023. 

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak Venue 
The bout will take place in Billiam-Smith’s home town of Bournemouth. The 33-year-old won the cruiserweight world title when beating Okolie on the south coast in May. That contest was held at Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium, but due to the time of the year, Billiam-Smith’s first defence of the title will take place at the Bournemouth International Centre. The BIC’s Windsor Hall has a concert capacity of nearly 4,100 and is one of the bigger indoor music venues in the UK. 

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak - How to Watch?
The fight will be broadcast live on Sky Sports in the UK.

Read More: Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak: Fight date, ring walk time, undercard & more

Chris Billam-Smith v Mateusz Masternak

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